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August 2008

Flood planning just got easier

Last month, flood risk maps were produced to a level of detail possible because of sophisticated new tools using laser technology. And developers need to take notice because the Environment Agency has more weight than ever in objecting to planning applications in risk areas. John Haven reports

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Greenstar chief calls for co-mingled push

Greenstar UK's CEO, Ian Wakelin, believes recycling rates will rocket if more councils adopt co-mingled collections. Maxine Perella finds out more

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Making Space for Water

Mike Woolgar, Atkins managing director of water management, looks at combating flood risk.

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· Mixed plastics: Are they worth it?

· Water plant construction overcomes obstacles

· Keeping water systems clear of solids

· Analysis: Pitt Review's flood findings

· Sourcing pipes and valves together makes sense

· Are WEEE nearly there yet?

· Pesticides - Europe

August 2007

Fieldbus moves into the mainstream

Ian Sully, managing director of Auma Actuators' UK operation, explains the advantages and applications of bus protocols

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Brave new world: The economics of recovery

Economic and environmental regulators are important drivers for emerging energy and waste recovery technologies, as Paul Lowe explains

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Rules 'must change' on energy from sludge

Water UK's Steve Ntifo, environment and science adviser, and Bruce Horton, policy development adviser, discuss the role of energy from sludge in cutting carbon emissions

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· Out of the trenches

· Flexibility equals strength

· Water treatment washes up well in Bolton

· Don't neglect biodiversity during land regeneration

· Staying in the office

· Gasplasma: A cleaner method of recovery

· Kent coast standards soar in £66M cleanup project

August 2004

Clear Northern skies

Mike Deathridge of Casella ETi explains two cases where local authorities are measuring air quality and reporting on their performance to the public

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Energy for change

Sue Priest, managing director of Emissions Strategy Solutions, discusses her research into management attitudes to climate change mitigation

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Are you feeling assured?

Company directors are increasingly under pressure to provide assurance that their activities meet high ethical and environmental standards. Matt Haddon and Justin Dye from ERM Assurance discuss how you can provide and receive assurance that your company is complying.

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· Green taxation not more taxation.

· Contaminated land test gets 'glowing' report

· Surveying service pinpoints buried hazards on brownfield sites

· Technically speaking

· Metals recycling 'crisis'avoided as WRAP plans progress

· Recycling equipment offers new features and solutions

· Contaminated land test gets 'glowing' report

August 1999

Zapping toxic organics

The high reactivity of the electron and its potential for generating highly oxidising species which can break down toxic organics is an area which has been extensively studied by EA Technology.

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How to meet EU lead standards by 2003

Neil Tarbet from WRc takes a look at the problem of lead pipes and how to choose an appropriate technique, such as trenchless pipe pulling or lining.

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Severn Trent spends £18M on flagship STWs

Severn Trent has upgraded Cheltenham's Hayden STW, dramatically improving environmental performance at a cost of £15M. Secondary treatment has also been added to Lydney STW, one of Severn's few coastal works. Mary Monro reports.

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· Pipe-jacking helps preserve Welsh SSSI

· Sweet success for TOC/TN analyser

· Securing employee motivation

· EA to step up enforcement of flow regulations

· Measuring unpredictable flow conditions

· Optimising burner/ boiler operation

· Implements and tools