Edie+ articles on this day... for August 2008, 2007, 2004, 1999

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August 2008

Imtech Process has achieved a lot in the past three years, and is now bidding for some prime contracts in the water industry. WET News spoke to Duncan Wildgoose, the firm's business development manager, about the secret of Imtech's success.
At just 30 years old, Jonathan Robinson has inspired businesses around the world with his concept: The Hub. Erik Jaques met the man at the centre of the rapidly evolving nexus for 21st-century entrepreneurialism
Bat protection and old mineshafts were two of the difficulties faced by South West Water at a wastewater plant upgrade in Cornwall. Chris Rogers, principal engineer at Pell Frischmann, explains how a solution was reached
» A wheelie good idea for the elderly
» Taxation - UK
» Balmoral clears the legal hurdles
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, August 2008
» Green drivers fuel the growth of remediation
» Sourcing pipes and valves together makes sense
» Autoclave steams ahead

August 2007

One company has combined gasification and plasma arc treatment technologies to create what it claims is a significantly cleaner energy-from-waste process
Terry Povall discovers the decision to out- or in-source a capital project management is far from set in stone.
Surveying can be the most practicable and cost-effective way of delivering smell-free wastewater treatment in residential areas, argues Bryan Pickering, principal process engineer at MWH
» Food for thought in recovering best value
» End in sight for Glasgow's Katrine Water Project
» Fieldbus moves into the mainstream
» Feast on this: abrasive drying for food waste
» Out of the trenches
» Brave new world: The economics of recovery
» Staying in the office

August 2004

The PJA on advances in pipe jacking and tunnel spoil disposal issues
A major supplier to the recycling sector, Terberg Matec UK, made an impact at this year's CIWM exhibition at Torbay with two new developments - a series of improvements on the "Kerbsider" and the new Omni-DEL automatic bin lifter.
The Environment Agency's sixth report on the environmental performance of businesses, Spotlight on business: environmental performance in 2003 is the most rounded to date. This article shows how the agency is examining many more measures of performance, and how large businesses and sectors ar
» Consultancy survey shows size isn’t everything and better qualifications don’t mean better pay
» Creating an 'Auditable' CSR Reporting Framework
» Operating and Financial Review (OFR) Q&A
» Setting standards in concrete
» The Carbon Disclosure Project: Round Two
» Stop the brain drain!!
» Innovation through regulation

August 1999

The Shimadzu TOCN-4100 on-line total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TN) analyser has successfully completed a trial at one of Europe's largest sugar processing plants.
Severn Trent has upgraded Cheltenham's Hayden STW, dramatically improving environmental performance at a cost of £15M. Secondary treatment has also been added to Lydney STW, one of Severn's few coastal works. Mary Monro reports.
Neil Tarbet from WRc takes a look at the problem of lead pipes and how to choose an appropriate technique, such as trenchless pipe pulling or lining.
» Measuring unpredictable flow conditions
» EA to step up enforcement of flow regulations
» Zapping toxic organics
» Pipe-jacking helps preserve Welsh SSSI
» Securing employee motivation
» Optimising burner/ boiler operation
» Implements and tools