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August 2015

edie explains: Sustainable Development Goals

Earlier this week, the UN agreed on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will frame its policies and agenda over the next 15 years. What are they? How will they be funded? And how will they impact the UK?

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First steps: How the circular economy is revolutionising baby products

The bringing-up-baby business is booming, with a broad and ever-changing audience. But is the industry fit for purpose to deliver the transformational change needed to create a sustainable future? Brad Allen investigates...

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Premier League sustainability: Creating the world's greenest football club

The Premier League season got underway this weekend with a winning start for Manchester United and dropped points for Arsenal and Chelsea.

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· Golden State: How California is surviving its worst drought in history

· Why do so many people work so hard just to build up the funds to quit?

· Driving change: What will the planet's roads look like in 2050?

· Circular thinking - a miracle cure for NHS waste management?

· From laggard to leader: APP's zero-deforestation journey

· Game on: How gamification is bringing sustainability to the masses

August 2014

Turning a slate quarry green: 40 years of Centre for Alternative Technology

Welsh hippies ushered in an era of sustainable living well before the world had woken up to climate change.

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Lessons learned: using GRI's G4 reporting guidelines

UPS director of sustainability, EMEA Peter Harris shares the challenges, solutions and lessons learned from adhering to the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 guidelines.

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A brighter future: using solar power to tackle the water crisis in Ethiopia

There are 44.5 million people in Ethiopia that don't have access to safe drinking water. Renewable energy is an ideal solution in remote areas with no mains electricity. We take a look at a WaterAid project that used solar power to save lives.

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· Unlocking AD's potential

· Recycling: What to do to encourage the wrong behaviour?

· The circular economy needs to find the middle ground

· Will shale gas ever find its place in today's broad energy mix?

· Green sky thinking: Six truly amazing renewable ideas

· Green Deal: Success or failure?

· Leader interview: Environment Agency chairman Lord Chris Smith

August 2011

Rochford - a rising star on the recycling front

From being one of the worst local authority performers for recycling, Rochford District Council has transformed its service. A contract with UPM has added to both partners' green credentials. Nick Warburton reports

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Ending the cycle of absurdity

The review of Ofwat identifies the absurdity of the five-year cycle, says Sam Ibbott of the Environmental Industries Commission, but is anything really likely to change?

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Tackling business waste from the floor up

We don't just manage your waste, we reduce it too - it's a message that many waste producers want to hear, and one service provider is shouting it loud and clear, as Maxine Perella finds out

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· Harnessing the supply chain

· Resourceful times: why less is more for waste

· Finding a fair and affordable future

· £9M stormwater tank protects River Tame

· Cementing a partnership for RDF

· Grand designs on water

· From recycler to retail specialist

August 2006

Market analysis

The environmental sector is an economic success story and its rise looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Consultancy is at the core of the industry and plays a vital role in its growth, but are some areas advancing faster than others and are you backing the right horse?

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How soft starters are shredding supply costs

Instead of forking out to upgrade a local sub station, a shredding company is using soft starters to overcome the problems of limited supply capacity and high peak demand charges

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Esher WwTW Weys up the benefits

As part of the £5M upgrade to Esher WwTW, Thames Water has invested in shaftless conveyor technology to improve the quality of wastewater discharged into the rivers Wey and Ember.

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· Market must adapt for new players to prosper

· Belvedere incinerator ignites fierce debate

· Keeping it simple

· Who has the best reputation in IPPC

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, August 06

· Bringing a Rea of hope to Birmingham

· Environmental market set for runaway success