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September 1998

NY town chooses the FAST option

After receiving four state discharge violation notices following rainstorms, the town of Dexter decided to incorporate Smith & Loveless' FASTĀ® system into its WwTP writes James A.Bell, Vice President of Technical Services for Smith and Loveless.

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Infiltration insight

Sef Philips of the NV Waterleidingmaatschappij Oost-Brabant (WOB), Ron van Megen and Francois van Ekkendonk (both of DHV Water) report on the Project Infiltration Maaskant (PIM) - a large scale water supply project which uses infiltration as a surface water treatment technique.

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Mine drainage and landfill leachate treatment

James Robinson of Kennedy & Donkin reports on how wetland and algal processes can be used to treat mine drainage and landfill leachate.

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· A biological solution to odour control

· Special feature: laboratory analysis

· Sludge treatment and handling scheme

· Taweelah B plant takes shape

· Living with floods: a change of strategy in The Netherlands

· Septicity in sewage and sludge

· Single reactor activated sludge system

September 1997

September 1994

September 1989