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September 2000

The answer, my friend

On September 2 1998, the air quality standard for sulphur dioxide was exceeded across a substantial area of the Midlands and South Yorkshire - enough to have caused harm to some members of the public. An 18-month Environment Agency investigation ensued. IEM presents the methodology and the findings.

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Membranes for estuary water

Faced with insufficient water for their planned expansion, Dow Benelux1, operating from its Terneuzen site in the South West corner of The Netherlands, awarded a Build-Own-Operate contract to a joint venture comprising USF Benelux2 and Delta Nutsbedrijven3. The contract covers the design, constructi

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Learning to work together

Dr David Owen, Director of Research at Delphi International argues that while private sector participation in water provision remains an imperfect art it will play an increasingly pivotal role in global water and sewerage provision.

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· Stable mate for STW bosses

· A case for controlled composting

· Emissions trading: permit market evolution

· Monitoring across large geographical areas

· Choosing the right deodorant

· Higher targets set for packaging recovery

· Brownfield sites in the spotlight

September 1999

Confronting consumer fears over water quality

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. So it is with drinking water quality in France, where consumer knowledge has improved but not enough to keep irrational fears in check. As a result, customer service and communication strategies employed by Lyonnaise des Eaux focus on giving consumers

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O&M support for Cairo Wastewater Project

Hyder Consulting is to lead the O&M support for the wastewater facilities of the Greater Cairo Wastewater Project on the East Bank of the Nile. Graham Whitehead reports.

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Improved efficiency requires cultural change

For Britain to achieve significant improvements in water efficiency, there must be a cultural shift to accept the importance of saving water, not only at a corporate level, but also on behalf of the individual. RAJ Arthur reports.

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· Safe and efficient sludge removal by road tanker

· American water dreams inspire a French revolution

· Easy data day management

· TEG offers alternative to windrow composting

· El Paso sets example for water reclamation

· Up close and personal

· Upgrade for largest lagoon system in US

September 1996

September 1991