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September 2000

EC law could poison green agenda

The European Commission is developing new standards for sludge spread on land. If these are made law, an increasing number of water companies could opt for incineration.

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Assessing the risk on polluted land

Before any site regeneration can be initiated by a private developer or a local authority an essential preliminary task is to carry out a risk assessment of the contaminated area. In this special contribution, Steve Wilson, Associate Director of Card Geotechnics Ltd, outlines how risk assessments a

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New numerical flow model for flood protection

Computation of water-level situtations and sediment transport are helping to identify measures needed for the protection of high-water protection dykes, as Dr Roberto Kohane of ERM Lahmeyer International reports.

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· Dual benefits of new generation noise loggers

· Back to the drawing board?

· Brackish water boosts Barbados supplies

· Composite manholes ‘safer than iron’

· How to ensure a healthy media

· Securing watertight data collection

· Membranes for estuary water

September 1999

El Paso sets example for water reclamation

In the early 1980's, the residents of El Paso, Texas, watched water levels in their aquifer decline year after year. The city depended upon the Hueco Bolson aquifer, shared with a city double the size of El Paso, for about 60% of its water. The El Paso Public Service Board devised a plan to maintain

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IPPC: in the pipeline

As the fourth consultation on UK implementation of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive gets underway, IEM, in the third and final in the series, presents a cross section of industry opinion on practical implications of IPPC.

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Picking up the market

Europe's first electronic trading facility for Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) and recyclable commodities, The Environment Exchange, has been on-line for more than nine months. What are the options for the future? IEM talks to the Exchange's founder and managing director, Angus Macpherson.

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· TEG offers alternative to windrow composting

· Up close and personal

· Millennium-friendly bug

· Lessons in keeping a low wastewater profile

· Confronting consumer fears over water quality

· Upgrade for largest lagoon system in US

· Improved efficiency requires cultural change

September 1996

September 1991