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September 2000

Direct-coupled solar powered pumping systems for environmentally sensitive areas are being studied as alternatives to battery-backed systems as Simon Bouwmeester, Bernard van Hemert and Mark Koerft of Ecofys report.
Martin Tasker, senior consultant at Eutech, on solving odour problems.
Hydrolab Corporation's water quality monitoring instruments can monitor multiple parameters simultaneously including temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, pH, ORP, depth, turbidity, chlorophyll, total dissolved gas, nitrates, ammonium, and chloride. Instruments can be used in fresh or
» The answer, my friend
» Choosing the right deodorant
» Alternative technology offers cleaner air
» CLAIRE demos sustainable remediation
» My point is...
» PVC: stepping out
» Assessing the risk on polluted land

September 1999

Costly product losses to the atmosphere from industrial process plants can, and have been, quickly identified and turned to profit, claim Shell Global Solutions of their new economic atmospheric management service - that's based on their own experiences.
The project includes the development of a centralized maintenance workshop strategyHyder Consulting is to lead the O&M support for the wastewater facilities of the Greater Cairo Wastewater Project on the East Bank of the Nile. Graham Whitehead reports.
Dr Alan Heyworth of TEG Environmental argues for an alternative to windrow composting, which he claims will result in a more consistent end-product.
» Improved efficiency requires cultural change
» Crypto under the microscope at Anglian Water
» Upgrade for largest lagoon system in US
» IPPC: in the pipeline
» Picking up the market
» El Paso sets example for water reclamation
» Up close and personal

September 1996

September 1991