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September 2004

Extec has launched a new tracked screen - the E7, a heavy-duty track mounted self-propelled open flow screening and stockpiling system. It has been purpose -built for the recycling and quarrying markets.

UKWIR's Peter Spillet and Brian Wilkinson, HR Wallingford's Richard Kellagher and MWH's David Balmforth explain how changing weather patterns can effect sewer systems performance
Regenesis Oxygen Release Compound (ORC®)An exploration of in situ remediation, by Dr. Jeremy Birnstingl, of Regenesis.
» Technically speaking
» Waste industry invests to close facilities gap
» Waste industry acts to improve H&S performance
» Recycling & 'green' energy top the agenda
» Auditing asbestos
» Signal solves location problems for Bradford MDC
» Homeport offers new clinical waste collection service

September 2003

High temperature furnaces, such as those used in the metallurgical industries for metal melting and reheating, are notoriously inefficient because of the large amount of heat leaving the furnace in the flue gases. Over the years this heat has been captured by incorporating waste heat recovery system
Chris Webb reports on the CRAFT researchers' zeoReactor WwTW technology programme
Information on waste issues and environmental legislation used to be just a phone call away, with Waste Watch's Wasteline telephone service. Now information is at your fingertips as well. The internet is a vital resource for many businesses and Waste Watch's new website, Waste Online, is already pro
» Instrumental in approach
» or better - or worse
» Modelling on a record scale
» Keep it clean
» Following the odour pathway
» Mandatory standards dropped from proposed air quality directive
» Carbon cuts make top of the league

September 2000

Water industry reflections
Faced with insufficient water for their planned expansion, Dow Benelux1, operating from its Terneuzen site in the South West corner of The Netherlands, awarded a Build-Own-Operate contract to a joint venture comprising USF Benelux2 and Delta Nutsbedrijven3. The contract covers the design, constructi
A joint venture between Ionics Inc. and Barbados-based Williams Industries has built the largest RO desalination facility in the Caribbean providing fresh, potable water to one sixth's of the island's 264,000 population.
» Composite manholes ‘safer than iron’
» Dual benefits of new generation noise loggers
» New numerical flow model for flood protection
» New specification for contaminated land data
» Emissions trading: permit market evolution
» Technically speaking
» EC law could poison green agenda

September 1995