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September 2004

Making best use of the nation's scarce supply of land

Finding the right balance when tackling the growing need for development while protecting the British countryside can be a tricky business, but brownfield goes far beyond affordable housing, as Kirk Howe, Operations Director of the Strategic Joint Ventures Division of English Partnerships explains.

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The OFR - better reporting?

Senior researcher and consultant Leon Olsen, of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Society, explains the implications for the environment of the Operating and Financial Review

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Recycling & 'green' energy top the agenda

Meeting recycling priorities and developing sustainable energy are the key waste and environmental issues in Scotland as the Scottish Executive disburses funds for waste facilities across the country and Scotland plays a pioneering role in on- and offshore wind energy and marine generated power

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· US expert warns against heavy increase in diesel vehicles

· Waste industry invests to close facilities gap

· Doncaster installs air quality information system

· Sampling for DOAS cross-duct CEM systems

· Odour minimisation methods

· Snowie Group invests in plant for expansion

· Silent genius - the world beneath our feet

September 2003

The winner takes it all?

With the existence of so many environmental awards and accolades, how can potential entrants determine their true value? Graham Sprigg finds out.

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Modelling on a record scale

MWH's Richard Norreys and Steve Kenney, and UU's Graham Squibbs and Luke Pearson look at applying urban pollution management methodology to a large CSO study programme

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Time for a change

EMAS and ISO14001 need to change if they are to engage smaller companies, argues Dr Ruth Hillary

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· New international partnership – the REEEP – to help deliver success on climate change

· The crowning glory

· Technically speaking

· WISARD spells out waste options

· Into the zone

· Instrumental in approach

· Industrial carbon dioxide emissions increase crop yield

September 2000

A case for controlled composting

Windrow composting can be difficult to manage, but conditions in a closed system can be closely controlled. Sludge consultant Jim Walker makes a case for in-vessel composting.

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Securing watertight data collection

Hydrolab Corporation's water quality monitoring instruments can monitor multiple parameters simultaneously including temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, pH, ORP, depth, turbidity, chlorophyll, total dissolved gas, nitrates, ammonium, and chloride. Instruments can be used in fresh or

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When special conditions apply

Wide variations in flow, extreme weather conditions and nutrient removal are the key challenges for the new wastewater treatment plant at Scotland's Cairngorm ski resort.

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· Stable mate for STW bosses

· Assessing the risk on polluted land

· Integrated site remediation cleans up for store project

· Monitoring across large geographical areas

· Dual benefits of new generation noise loggers

· Back to the drawing board?

· Solar pump study for nature reserve

September 1995