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September 2014

Kim Marotta is the director of sustainability at brewing company MillerCoorsGreat Beer, Great Responsibility is the sustainability spirit of MillerCoors. America's second-largest beer company reached record lows for its water and energy consumption last year, and it has already surpassed all of the environmental stewardship goals it set out to achieve by 2015.
The UN has revealed that the zone layer is recovering so fast that it will be more or less mended by the middle of the centuryGovernments dither on the solution to global warming - but the Montreal protocol is a reminder of a time when they took their hands out of their pockets.
The Amager Bakke EfW plant will have a man-made ski slope on its roof. It will be accessible to the public and is due to open in the summer of 2017Imagine going up an 85-metre climbing wall and then imagine viewing an artificial ski slope when you reach the top. Now imagine skiing down that ski slope which happens to rest on top of the roof of a €500m energy-from-waste (EfW) plant. Your imagination is not running wild - this is about to b
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» Scottish independence: Kill or cure for future renewable developments?

September 2013

The Government's Energy Market Reform (EMR) is supposed to "solve our energy problems" but is it a solution for the next 25 years and is it going to make sure that we achieve our low-carbon transition, keep the lights on and ensure prices are affordable? Leigh Stringer talks to professor o
One of the UK's leading train operators is looking to forge stronger networks in its sustainable ambitions, to leave a lasting legacy both on and off the tracks. Maxine Perella reports
 Kate Cawley (left)Creative director of WasteSolve Kate Cawley joins a growing band of women blazing a trail in the waste sector. Nick Warburton caught up with her
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» Urban mining aims to redefine waste as an asset
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September 2010

A recent industry survey indicates a surprisingly widespread lack of knowledge among process and maintenance engineers about non-OEM replacement parts for PC pumps. Mark Viner gives the low-down on the available options.
Commercial waste containers aren't the most obvious choice for a temporary shelter, but people do climb into them and die as a result. Guidance has just been released to help safeguard against such tragedies
Scottish Water will remain a public-owned entity, the Scottish government has stressed despite calls for an urgent review of the utility’s ownership.
» Local Authorities face huge liabilities from landfills
» How to keep your site smelling sweet
» Bristol Review has implications for AMP5
» Digesting the benefits
» Sewer much easier CCTV
» Ofwat goes under Defra microscope
» CRC registrations looms: manage your carbon or face the consequences

September 2005

Dr Paul Zuber of Brightwater Engineering looks at the sometimes difficult but ultimately successful development of MBR technology
The waste services sector is facing challenges on several fronts in carrying out its responsibilities in health and safety and in collecting, transporting and treating clinical waste.
Paul Garrett, Regional Manager, London & S.E. at Churngold Remediation Ltd looks at new challenges facing land and property developers.
» Lorry loader and demountable combine on recycling tasks
» Landowner rapped for moorland destruction
» Heavy Metals Monitoring Network aids UK meet 'target values'
» Municipal waste recycling on the upward trend
» Assessing the assessment
» Do US a favour
» Within REACH