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October 2006

Barriers to sensor innovation

There have always been plenty of innovative ideas about sensors. But, despite manufacturers wanting to develop them, very few come to fruition. Michael Scott of Optocem.net and Stephen Russell of WRc examine the problems

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Fast forward: Quicker and cheaper ways to cut emissions through energy efficient technology.

As prices soar and more and more people wake up to the environmental impacts of our hunger for fuel, many believe that energy efficiency has the potential to become the 'biggest fuel' of the future. Here REEEP outlines the case for cutting the bills and emissions at the same time.

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Leak-solving the Smart way

An unprecedented union of water companies and Severn Trent Services have joined forces to address the water shortage problems. Their collaboration has resulted in a new meter - the SmartMeter C100R - being designed and tested. In the first of a series of quarterly articles for WET News, Neil Furmidg

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· Getting the message out

· Companies grumble about court rubble rumble

· Drains and water usage - the hot topic of conversation

· Energy Efficiency Special Report - Introduction

· Don't chase the wind - capture it

· Eighteen years old, and still pumping

· Profiting from Profibus

October 2005

Biofuels: the Commercial Reality

James Beal is managing director of Renewables East, an organisation that is driving forward the full range of low carbon energy solutions into the East of England and bringing economic and employment benefits to the region. Here he takes a look at the commercial reality of biofuels.

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Renewables: The way forward

At a time when oil prices have risen dramatically, Jonathan Johns, head of renewable energy at Ernst & Young looks at whether or not the Renewables Obligation Review (RO) is fulfilling its role as part of the UK's climate change strategy, and opportunities to improve its effectiveness.

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Breaking the plastics habit: The changing role of business in achieving a circular economy

From left to right: Waitrose's Tor Harris, Iceland's Ian Schofield, Cranswick's Jim Brisby and CWG's Steve Greig

Between increasing consumer pressures and sluggish policy changes, corporates are being stretched to their limits to tackle the plastics problem - but it is critical that this sudden step-change in awareness of the issue does not lead to unintended consequences, as edie's Matt Mace investigates.

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· Meet edie's 30 Under 30 Class of 2019: Jonathan Davies, Marston's

· Servitisation and social media storytelling: How retailers are approaching sustainability in 2020

· From activist to activator: How are sustainability leaders' jobs changing in the era of climate activism?

· Meet edie's 30 Under 30 Class of 2019: Jonathan Mobbs, ISS Facility Services

· Valentine's Day: How the cocoa supply chain is falling in love with ethical practices

· 9 ways AI is enhancing sustainability for business

· The SDGs In Action: How Diageo is achieving SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

October 2002

Scotland leads the way in glass recycling

Scottish companies are playing a key role on the glass recycling front, with major investment at an established plant and innovation on two fronts – with William Tracey’s new Allglass Reprocesses and the Envirolite solution to the nationwide problem of recycling electric light tubes. Editor Alexand

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The sustainable alternatives

New initiatives encouraging the use of SUDS in England and Wales

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Industry's contamination battlefield

Carl Bro Group staff advise a client at an organic chemicals factory

Debbie Hamblin, an environmental consultant within Carl Bro UK’s corporate environmental management expertise centre, spells out IPPC.

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· Innovative services open up new options

· Groundbreaking solutions for remediation using bacteria

· Instrumental to accurate data

· Waste management in the heart of Scotland

· Corrosion kept under control

· Firsts for second city

· Enhance company profits

October 1997