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October 2016

10 top tips to deliver a sustainable built environment

Continuing edie's 'green buildings month' of editorial content, John Lewis's sustainable development manager Phil Birch offers up 10 tips to successfully accelerate sustainable development within the built environment, despite an ongoing period of "political uncertainty".

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October 2015

Twice the size of Wales: ambitious plans for rainforest protection

Environmental charity Size of Wales intends to double the area of tropical rainforest it helps protect as its contribution to tackling climate change. Here, the charity's Peter Davies explains the role of business in tackling deforestation.

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Automotive sustainability: are cars of the future needed today?

In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, a sector already low on public confidence is left with big questions to answer. But for one Swedish automotive entrepreneur, the crisis presents an opportunity to accelerate the move to all-electric transport.

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Let's throw away old notions of waste: it's time for new circular economy policies

The circular economy is about much more than recycling and landfill. As Accenture's Peter Lacy argues, businesses and consumers need governments to reward innovation through effective incentives.

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· Food waste: Opportunity knocks for hospitality businesses

· Sustainable Development Goals: The role of business

· Environmental pollution - is your business watertight?

October 2012

Statesman on a mission to save the planet

Former president of Costa Rica and CEO of the World Economic Forum, José María Figueres has turned his full attention to climate change as president of the Carbon War Room and tells Rob Bell why business is key to winning the battle.

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Fixing the fuzz around nanomaterials

Little is known about the potential risks posed by nanomaterials present in waste streams. Dr Steve Hankin looks at the challenges this poses in terms of disposal

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Inclusivity: the next frontier for sustainable business

It's time for big corporations to push their CSR agenda forward and adopt a more challenging approach - one that's all about inclusive business, argues Nigel Stansfield

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· Heathrow waste goes first class

· A head start on mandatory reporting

· Businesses should focus on their 'unique contribution to sustainability'

· Michelin in the fast lane for tyre recovery

· Green Party sows seeds for next phase of growth

· A taste for sustainability

· Banking on the GIB: boom or bust?

October 2007

Environmental Case Law Summary, October 2007

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. This month the courts considered whether Austria should be allowed to ban GMOs, blocked German plans to subsidise domestic insulation markets and r

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Reducing the impact of retail waste

Retailers will be expected to cut down on excess packaging under the Government's Waste Strategy. We look at what's in store for the sector.

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On the road to recovery

Plant and vehicle theft costs the construction industry millions each year, but tracking technology is leaving thieves nowhere to hide

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· A new mood for spending

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary October 2007

· At the sharp end of disposal

· Austria told it can't ban GMOs

· Bank, borrow or buy? A model for LATS

· Fighting water with electronics

· How to get ahead in property