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November 2000

Environmental consultants Enviros - a recent brand consolidation has seen the 'March' and 'Aspinwall' suffix dropped - has packaged ISO 14001 accreditation together with waste minimisation and a guarantee: the savings pay the fees, or the shortfall refunded. Textile rental operation Johnsons Apparel
You will have noticed the effects of recent actions of freight transport operators: the virtual standstill of the economy. One way or another, says Jim Rowley, logistics analyst at The Institute of Logistics and Transport, the growth of that economy is significantly affected by the actions of freigh
The massive scale of contaminated land in the UK and the need to regenerate polluted sites is stimulating major advances in r&d over a wide range of technological and managerial solutions.
» Performance standards for grey water systems
» ACWa Services dispenses drinking water in Gaza
» Making the most
» Plug leaks, not reservoirs
» French solution for feeding filter presses
» Fuel of the future
» Making the most

November 1999

Figure 1: UV systemA Wedeco UV and ozone disinfection system has been installed at Bryn Colwyd WTW in Wales. The raw water, from Lyn Colwyd reservoir in Snowdonia, needs a high level of treatment in order to maintain the quality of the final supply.
DuPont launched two new Permasep HF Cartridge RO membranes for low salinity feed water at this year's IDA World Congress in San Diego.
Aguas Argentinas’ concession area and water distribution networkIn May 1993, Buenos Aires and the 17 suburban districts around the city signed a 30-year concession contract with Aguas Argentinas, whose main shareholder is Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux. The concessionaire was charged with modernising and running the existing water and wastewater systems and extending t
» Palermo goes for PE
» Polyester and ebonite linings protect against corrosion
» Small scale sewage disposal
» South Australia: the new water gateway
» Prospects for progress: the Arabian Gulf states
» Advanced lamp technology brings UV solutions
» Will Scotland's water industry ever be privatised?

November 1996

November 1991