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November 2002

Producer responsiblity for packaging waste is at the top of every industry’s agenda. Cate Sharp, partner and UK head of environment group at international law firm Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, explains the legal side of packaging waste regulations.
The Audit Commission inspectors, who rate the performance of local authorities under the Best Value regime, report on the strengths and weaknesses of operations ranging from street cleansing through waste management to environmental services. LAWE looks at how the Best Value scheme can help to impr
Hydraulic modelling is now enjoying rapidly increasing use across the water industry - in wastewater collection, water supply, and river management. Given that the technique of modelling has been around for a very long time - mathematical modelling can be traced back at least 60 years - what are the
» The desirability of power cuts
» Sludge Treatment - Process intensification and optimisation
» International trade in British water expertise
» Training keeps sustainability on track
» EU set to transform UK noise regulation
» Thermal treatment of waste gets heated
» Wastewater needn’t be a waste

November 2001

Binnie Black and Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at biological aerated filters
Dr Geoffrey B Card, Chief Executive, Card Geotechnics Ltd, describes how the remediation of a former industrial site demonstrates the 'suitable for use' policy, stating that the success of this project was due to collective team co-operation between the developer, regulatory authorities and
The Environment Agency has published guidance to assist local authorities with their responsibilities under the contaminated land regime (Part 11A of the EPA 1990). Funded by DEFRA, the guide is a result of collaboration between the Agency, the Local Government Association (LGA), the Charte
» Mercury rising
» Waste timber: free resource separate
» Membranes boost water re-use
» Microwave-induced aluminium recovery
» Enhanced thermal conduction remediates petroleum hydrocarbon pollution
» Pyrolysis turns scrap tyres into oil and gas
» EIC assesses impact of the Landfill Directive on the remediation of contaminated land

November 1998

Figure 1. Sustainable development is a sound, necessary and widely supported concept. But how does one move from concept to practice, and begin applying it in the messy world in which we live? Dr Mark Everard, Director of Science, The Natural Step UK - launched last month - strides out.
Clinical trials determine only the lethal dose, not the onset of toxiciy In recent years toxicity has been recognised as a separate measure; it is not feasible to separately analyse or regulate all potential components of discharges for their effects on the environment, and substances may react synergistically. As Chris Whitworth, Applications Engineering Consultants,
Dr Mick Dawson of the British Hydromechanics Research Group (BHR) reports on the development of DISINFEX software for flow modelling and rapid design of chlorine contact tanks and service reservoirs.
» Systems for pipeline leakage detection
» Greywater recycling hangs in the financial balance
» Descartes' dream at Severn Trent water supply
» Public & private sectors seek firm targets as national waste strategy takes shape
» Determining nightline leakage and usage
» Pass the parcel obligations
» If it's really leaking, just go and find it

November 1993