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Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in November 2002, 2001, 1998, 1993

November 2002

EU set to transform UK noise regulation

The implementation of the updated Noise Directive will set new standards for protection from noise in the UK in the workplace as the new Environmental Noise Directive aims to implement a comprehensive noise policy.

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Designing products for a sustainable future

Under European legislation, manufacturers will soon be legally bound to recycle their products at their own expense. Beverly La Ferla spoke to Miles Park, lecturer at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, about how to design environmentally-friendly products.

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The desirability of power cuts

The power utilities use to meet treatment standards is growing, as is political pressure to reduce energy consumption. Chris Webb looks into the problem and some of the solutions

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· Audit Commission runs the rule over Las

· Thermal treatment of waste gets heated

· Advanced surveying techniques probe contaminated petrol station sites

· Ongoing plant developments

· Water supply in all weathers

· Colliery site regeneration provides 1,000 jobs

· New fuel cooks up a storm

November 2001

Guidance aids local authorities to meet their contaminated land responsibilities

The Environment Agency has published guidance to assist local authorities with their responsibilities under the contaminated land regime (Part 11A of the EPA 1990). Funded by DEFRA, the guide is a result of collaboration between the Agency, the Local Government Association (LGA), the Charte

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Model behaviour

The development of software to monitor and control the treatment of industrial effluent is one area that has attracted considerable interest in recent years. Indeed, the use of software solutions in planning all types of industrial development from concept to completion is now widely accept

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Agency aims to extend MERTS scheme to cover chemical testing of soils

The Environment Agency published proposals on 4 October to extend its Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) to cover the chemical testing of soils at the start of an eight-week review period.

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· Pyrolysis turns scrap tyres into oil and gas

· OSS awards OSCAR - the world's most advanced oil-water separator

· EIC assesses impact of the Landfill Directive on the remediation of contaminated land

· Farming-out reed technology

· Looking after the grey matter

· Microwave-induced aluminium recovery

· Technically speaking

November 1998

Systems for pipeline leakage detection

Four university teams ­ University of Bradford, University of East Anglia, Brunel University and Imperial College ­ have formed a research consortium examining important inter-related aspects of monitoring, modelling and leakage management in the water distribution network. Professor I Torsun

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Determining nightline leakage and usage

Every water company has a top hit list of problem DMAs ­ the ones with huge nightlines which elude all efforts to track down leakage, writes Charles Harris and Roger Ironmonger of Primayer. These invariably include unmeasured trade users ­ the number one headache for leakage practitioners.

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The longest of journeys begins . . .

Sustainable development is a sound, necessary and widely supported concept. But how does one move from concept to practice, and begin applying it in the messy world in which we live? Dr Mark Everard, Director of Science, The Natural Step UK - launched last month - strides out.

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· Greywater recycling hangs in the financial balance

· Public & private sectors seek firm targets as national waste strategy takes shape

· Investment goes west

· Toxicity testing times

· Cleaning up with disinfection design software

· Pass the parcel obligations

· If it's really leaking, just go and find it

November 1993