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November 2007

How to attract investment

The UK water and wastewater industry is struggling to attract private investors because of concerns over security of supply and the need for increasingly efficient wastewater treatment. Phil Bolton of Watson-Marlow reports.

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Pre-treatment: what does it mean for you?

Any non-hazardous waste must now be treated prior to being landfilled, while landfilling of non-hazardous liquid waste is banned. Eluned Watson takes a look at the pre-treatment regulations that have just come into effect

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Demanding role for diaphragm pumps

Energy Pumps has just been awarded single source framework supplier status for diaphragm pumps for Scottish Water. Sales manager Heath Waring looks at some of the issues facing the utilities in selecting the correct pumping solution

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· Cab capability: stepping into the future of low entry

· Ultrasonic choice for Flowline

· Lords rule on sewage case

· Mayor announces hydrogen bus plans

· Boscastle disaster drives flood defence

· Court blocks damages claim from chemical companies

· Renewables: putting the wind back in UK sails

November 2006

Italy rapped for offering rebates on energy tax

The ECJ has told Italy it must comply with rules on energy taxation and the practice of giving companies rebates on their energy bills.

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Delivering global water

One of the Millenium Development goals was to halve the number of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water. At present, we are woefully short of the target - by about 300 million people. Here we look at some of the issues.

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Fresh Water From the Ocean Waves

Desalination and energy efficiency often make uncomfortable bedfellows but in the waters of Western Australia, researchers are working on a device which produces fresh water and electricity at the same time. Mike Proffitt, CEO of developers Renewable Energy Holdings, and technical director Alan Burn

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· Soil gas monitoring: Getting the best results

· Suds: Breaking down barriers

· Comment is free - but not in Ireland

· Two-for-one with Terberg

· Efficiency is key

· Construction crackdown

· The fall and rise of China's green hotels

November 2003

A case of over exposure

On 20 October, the Environment Agency (EA) set out its strategy for prioritising and managing risks to human health and the environment arising from environmental exposure to the thousands of everyday chemicals that are used by the public and industry.

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So, what's in the money pot?

This month the WWT Round Table 2003 debates the effect of water company ownership on asset delivery. Deloitte & Touche's Doug King and Laura Flowerdew set the financial scene

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Greater protection for groundwater

Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission

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· The fall and rise of energy costs

· Going global

· Ready to report

· Technically speaking

· The fall and rise of energy costs

· Desperately seeking certification

· Past tense, future imperatives

November 1998

Systems for pipeline leakage detection

Four university teams ­ University of Bradford, University of East Anglia, Brunel University and Imperial College ­ have formed a research consortium examining important inter-related aspects of monitoring, modelling and leakage management in the water distribution network. Professor I Torsun

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The longest of journeys begins . . .

Figure 1.

Sustainable development is a sound, necessary and widely supported concept. But how does one move from concept to practice, and begin applying it in the messy world in which we live? Dr Mark Everard, Director of Science, The Natural Step UK - launched last month - strides out.

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Investment goes west

West of Scotland Water has just been reorganised to ensure that it is capable of meeting and exceeding the demands of its customers. To meet this challenge, the authority is spending millions on its capital expenditure programme upgrading and constructing its infrastructure.

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· Greywater recycling hangs in the financial balance

· Determining nightline leakage and usage

· Pass the parcel obligations

· Public & private sectors seek firm targets as national waste strategy takes shape

· If it's really leaking, just go and find it

· Toxicity testing times

· Descartes' dream at Severn Trent water supply