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November 2007

LATS requires a wealth of data to be gathered. So any technology that makes measuring this process simple, yet accurate, is welcomed, says Rob Clarey
Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month laws covering amendments to Scottish environmental impact assessments, re
Installing an automated feed-forward monitoring system has reduced dosing costs and improved phosphate discharge compliance at Keynsham water treatment works, writes Angus Fosten of Partech
» Understanding the market
» Mayor announces hydrogen bus plans
» Driving a sustainable supply chain
» Cab capability: stepping into the future of low entry
» Environmental Case Law Summary, November 2007
» Skilling up staff for better service delivery
» Understanding sludge improves pump systems

November 2006

The ECJ has told Italy it must comply with rules on energy taxation and the practice of giving companies rebates on their energy bills.
Anglian Water serves about six million industrial, commercial and domestic users across East Anglia and the East Midlands, covering 27,000km2 - from the Humber to the Thames and from Milton Keynes to the East coast. Paragon software is keeping it on track.
Renewable Energy Systems, a world-leading wind farm developer, wanted to make sure its environmental management system met international standards. So it called in SGS
» Giving a **it
» Construction crackdown
» UVPS spells the end for chlorine
» Assessing the market for contaminated land
» Keep on running: Bespoke RCV tracking
» Environmental Case Law Summary, November 06
» Extreme measures

November 2003

IETG and Severn Trent Water have introduced a system that provides a turnkey solution to companies seeking IPPC certification.
More than 200 jobs are set to be created in the West Midlands over the next three years through a pioneering industrial waste reclamation project. Regional development agency Advantage West Midlands is investing £660,000 in the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) in the West Midlands.
Elisa de Wit, from law firm Nicholson Graham & Jones, analyses recent environmental court rulings concerning business
» Past tense, future imperatives
» So, what's in the money pot?
» Following the paper trail
» EU-wide emissions trading moves closer
» Effective Environmental Management of Wastewater
» Feel free to try Gusto's system
» The fall and rise of energy costs

November 1998

Clinical trials determine only the lethal dose, not the onset of toxiciy In recent years toxicity has been recognised as a separate measure; it is not feasible to separately analyse or regulate all potential components of discharges for their effects on the environment, and substances may react synergistically. As Chris Whitworth, Applications Engineering Consultants,
Even between compliance schemes, PRN prices for plastics vary by as much as £100/tonne As we approach the end of the first full year in which companies obligated under the Packaging Waste Regulations have been responsible for the physical recovery of packaging waste, Nick Turner of consultants Ernst & Young summarises progress and asks - what next?
Every water company has a top hit list of problem DMAs ­ the ones with huge nightlines which elude all efforts to track down leakage, writes Charles Harris and Roger Ironmonger of Primayer. These invariably include unmeasured trade users ­ the number one headache for leakage practitioners.
» Descartes' dream at Severn Trent water supply
» The longest of journeys begins . . .
» Systems for pipeline leakage detection
» Public & private sectors seek firm targets as national waste strategy takes shape
» Greywater recycling hangs in the financial balance
» If it's really leaking, just go and find it
» Investment goes west