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November 2009


Stamford Bridge played host to the latest Sustainable Business Round Table Debate, where an interested gathering of business leaders joined together to discuss the implications of one of the biggest pieces of environmental regulation to hit the UK in years: the Carbon Reduction Commitment. Tom Idle

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Comment: are leaked emails nail in IPCC coffin?

Mike Hulme, a climate scientist at the University of East Anglia and author of Why We Disagree About Climate Change has weighed in with these thoughts about the significance of the leaked files and emails.

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Water data on tap

Yorkshire Water staff work in some of Britain's most rugged landscapes. That's
why they need a notebook computer that they can use when dealing with floods and bursts in the rain, snow, or even underground

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· Save wild spaces to curb climate change


· How to attract the top talent

· Survey shows consultants can't be complacent about client loyalty

· UK environmentalists dub climate talks 'longest suicide note in history'

· PolyHorse helps improve pipe handling efficiency

· Wireless wonders

November 2008

Inspiration from above

BSkyB has revealed lofty ambitions in its sustainability agenda. And, writes Jamie Curry, the company is taking a broad view of its responsibilities - from its set-top boxes putting themselves to sleep at night to supporting the arts

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Safe to go back to the water

Dissolved organics in potable water can, under certain conditions, produce carcinogenic compounds. Hugh Lloyd, analytical product manager of ABB, examines how they are formed, and the technology available to detect them.

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What does the budget mean for your business?

Leading trade association the Environmental Industries Commission takes a detailed look at how the Pre Budget Report will impact on the sector.

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· Adapting to climate change

· The WEEE Directive - Dispelling the myths one year on

· NW goes from rags to no hitches

· Gullyhawk tackles blockage problem in one fell swoop

· Sleepless in Macclesfield

· The Way Forward: why it is still unclear for many

· Training: Don't cut the budget - change your approach

November 2005

Local knowledge could help Indian irrigation

In recent years, the erosion of local knowledge about the natural environment and micro-climate has hindered agricultural production in western Rajasthan, claims freelance irrigation and drainage engineer Bhanwar Dan Bithu

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Singapore SingSpring

The new desalination plant in Singapore is a first in many ways. Frank Rogalla and Black & Veatch colleagues William Young and Don Ratnayaka discuss the plant

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Italian pipe project wins No-Dig prize

A challenging project on the shores of Lake Garda in northern Italy, was awarded Best Project at No-Dig 2005 in Rotterdam in September. Nicola Massella, general manager and technical director of Trenchless Technology Italia, explains how water was provided for the town of Riva by drilling almost ver

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· The saline solution

· Worms turn most sludges into soil

· Dennis Eagle launches Twin Pack 50/50

· Targets and funding drive development in design

· Taking the long view

· Australian sewerage system wins global award

· Stormwater study will aid management

November 2000

WMEC stands sentinel over multiple contaminant drums

Situated between the floodlights of Old Trafford Football Ground and the Trafford Park Container Depot is a small family business which cleans and refurbishes tanks and drums for the chemical industry, M&N Containers. Somewhere in the region of 800 items per week are pre-cleaned, washed out, steam c

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Waste cut want cut

Richard Burbidge, manufacturer of timber-based home improvement products, has gained ISO 14001. A key benefit has been reducing waste. IEM looks at how it was achieved and some of the profitable, if unusual, outlets for the recycled material.

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...plus shoes, floors, roofing...

Typical products manufactured using recycled rubber fillers include insulation panels and rubber mats, flooring for sports halls, shoe soles, carpet backing materials...

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· In-situ bioremediation meets fast-track construction goal

· Controlling pollution in the Danube

· Fuel of the future

· Can't stand the heat?

· Brownfield site regeneration targets boost research into new solutions

· The law and the land

· Hull online despite tunnel collapse