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November 2009

PolyHorse helps improve pipe handling efficiency

US-based McElroy has devised a system - PolyHorse - to eliminate inefficiencies and improve safety during job setup and pipe handling. Jim Craig takes a look at the system, and the benefits it offers.

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Water data on tap

Yorkshire Water staff work in some of Britain's most rugged landscapes. That's
why they need a notebook computer that they can use when dealing with floods and bursts in the rain, snow, or even underground

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Re-vegetating contaminated land

Recent advances, developed at the Department of Earth Sciences and Botanic Garden, University of Cambridge, UK, have lead to a new strategy for sustaining plant growth on contaminated land. This technology will enable highly polluted sites to be re-vegetated at low cost. Dr(Prof)Peter Leggo, Depart

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· Contractors need clarity on drains transfer

· Charging up for the battery regulations

· Wireless wonders

· Leading bodies want proactive approach to tackle flooding

· Edie's new improved consultancy survey - what's changed?

· Can one IT solution measure up for all?


November 2008

Surviving pressure island

Adam Bateman of Earth Tech takes us through the tough challenges of updating the Isle of Man's water treatment works.

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'Recycling is important', say South East residents

Councillor Moira Gibson, chairman of the South East England Regional Assembly's Planning Committee, highlights the results of a major survey into attitudes to recycling.

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How to cut your costs by seeing the bigger picture

The life cycle cost (LCC) approach requires a radical restructuring of contracting and procurement practice. Bob Went, group consultant for ITT Water & Wastewater, comments on why it is essential for all pump installations

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· Plastics? Get ready to mix it up with a PRF

· Geesink restructures to react faster and smarter

· The WEEE Directive - Dispelling the myths one year on

· Edie Legislation Summary November 2008

· Why bother with an EMS?

· Chlorine, the safer way

· Safe to go back to the water

November 2005

Cambodian polder plan boosts paddy production

The upgrade of the Prey Nup polders in Cambodia meant engaging farmers in a dialogue to manage water resources. Jean-Marie Brun of the French research and technological exchange organisation GRET describes how a new structure has nearly doubled rice production.

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Heat and safety

Inditherm provides heating and insulation that save energy and improve health and safety

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Flood study could save Vistula delta

Flooding due to ice blockages would be catastrophic for the low-lying Vistula river delta region in Poland. As part of an EU project to prevent flooding, a study has been undertaken by BMT Cordah, a subsidiary of British Maritime Technology. Andrzej Kozakiewicz, managing director of BMT Cordah (Pol

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· Future proofing

· Taking the long view

· Worms turn most sludges into soil

· Characterising landfill waste proves a testing time

· FAUN shows wide recycling range at RWM 2005

· Real alternative

· Water versus wildlife

November 2000

A systematic approach to water reduction

The Government's Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme (ETBPP) - now Envirowise - has shown that companies which adopt a systematic approach to water reduction typically achieve a 20-50% decrease in the amount of water used. With water supply and effluent treatment charges continuing to

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Interactive monitoring

An intelligent way to check the efficiency of flocculation

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Water awards honour Brick

The first ever Water UK and Environment Agency Water Efficiency Awards took place at the Royal Society of Arts on September 19. More than 150 submissions were received from industry, business, the public sector and individuals. The judging panel - which included representatives from Water UK, the En

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· Biowaste facility for World Heritage Site

· Hull online despite tunnel collapse

· Strong Swedish lobby for advanced recycling

· Pack it up, pack it in

· GIS aids the management of contaminated land

· Going beyond the body shop

· Is the industry taking liberties?