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November 2009

Achieving carbon reduction targets could be made a lot easier if buyers and suppliers worked together, but long term, agreeing on a common standard will be critical
The European Commission's Water Framework Directive has been hailed as the most significant piece of water legislation in more than 20 years, changing the legal framework for waters across Europe. Ian Rippin, from the National Laboratory Service, explains how it will work
Greater investment is needed to encourage innovative thinking for sustainable urban drainage solutions, according to Polypipe WMS director Dr Jason Shingleton.
» Water data on tap
» PolyHorse helps improve pipe handling efficiency
» Cornish dimension
» Edie's new improved consultancy survey - what's changed?
» Scotgen powers up with gasification trailblazer
» Copenhagen should not ignore gender divide
» Charging up for the battery regulations

November 2008

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe.
Dissolved organics in potable water can, under certain conditions, produce carcinogenic compounds. Hugh Lloyd, analytical product manager of ABB, examines how they are formed, and the technology available to detect them.
A new way of routing pipelines is proving increasingly popular with the water companies. Craig Roberts and Paul Hart of Black & Veatch explain the company's Pipeline Routing Optimisation Method
» Gullyhawk tackles blockage problem in one fell swoop
» Banking on monitoring to keep the Thames sweet
» Just exactly guru are you?
» SW ups efficiency with mapping tools
» Why bother with an EMS?
» Training: Don't cut the budget - change your approach
» Sleepless in Macclesfield

November 2005

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave its judgement in the case of Land Oberösterreich v Commission (Case T-366/03) on 5 October 2005. The case concerned an application by the Republic of Austria for annulment of Commission Decision 2003/653/EC of 2 September 2003 relating to national provisions
The ambitious TIGER project was initiated to utilise European Space Agency (ESA) satellite data to improve the availability and management of African water resources, as reported in World Water Jan/Feb. Natasha Wiseman reports on a workshop and training event, that took place in Italy in October, as
OdourNet provides a full range of sensory and conventional analytical odour analysis services to clients located in the UK and Ireland. The services are fully compliant with existing standards for analysis and are conducted in-house at the OdourNet UK Ltd olfactometry laboratory located in Bradford
» Commission v UK. Habitats Directive
» Oldham mill site remediated
» Making a clean break
» King Highway Products unveils rigid recycling truck
» Water versus wildlife
» Trust in the Trust
» The saline solution

November 2000

Paul Board, a Chartered Chemist and Business Development Manager for Robertson Laboratories, emphasises how the human element continues to play a key role in analytical chemistry, despite the advances made in sophisticated modern instruments.
North Wales Waste Network (NWWN), a two-year project dedicated to the provision of advice and guidance on waste reduction at source for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), came to an end in June this year. Savings of £1,255,000 per year have been identified for 40 participating businesses, wit
Malmo (pop. 270,000) in southern Sweden, is aiming to commission a new domestic sludge disposal plant by 2002 which will provide the city with a stable, reliable and long-term sludge-disposal solution.
» Soil washing cleans up at Royal Arsenal site
» Managing risks on contaminated sites boosts market for insurance solutions
» Underground revolution in pipe lining
» Soil homogenising optimises bioremediation decontamination
» The law and the land
» Is the industry taking liberties?
» Water awards honour Brick