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November 2013

In conversation with Autodesk's Emma Stewart

In this week's 'In conversation', edie speaks to one of the company's leading innovation in 3D design, engineering and software. Autodesk's head of sustainability solutions, Emma Stewart, talks about the next steps in sustainable innovation.

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A year in waste: how did the UK measure up?

Liz Gyekye presents the 2013 waste industry highlights across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and offers a sneak preview of what's in store for 2014

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John Lewis measures up pros of pay-as-you-throw

The John Lewis Partnership is exploring a pay-by-weight model for its waste collection activities in a bid to gather more accurate data that will inform its sustainability strategy

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November 2012

Checking in for a greener stay

The hotel sector was one of the first to wake up to the cost savings associated with improved environmental performance, and we are all familiar with signs in bathrooms urging us to reuse towels where possible to cut down on water and energy use.

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Vancouver's green ambitions

Canada's West Coast city has its sights set on becoming the world's greenest metropolis. David Gilliver reports

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Taking stock of climate change

As long as the Government favours navel-gazing over hard action on climate change, the UK risks becoming a global laughing stock as international targets are missed, says Duncan Everett.

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· Is it time to come clean on SRF?

· Inspiring Europe to an energy efficient future

· The perils of contracting out waste services

· BIS: Building skills for a green economy

· Stepping into an ethical future

November 2009

Collaborating on carbon

Achieving carbon reduction targets could be made a lot easier if buyers and suppliers worked together, but long term, agreeing on a common standard will be critical

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New works is an all round treat

A new water treatment plant in Somerset is leading the way both in terms of its sophisticated treatment technology and its commitment to minimising its impact on the environment.

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Wireless wonders

Traditionally, water monitoring has been a challenge. But new developments in digital telemetry and SCADA technology are drastically improving performance.

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· Three steps to success

· Scotgen powers up with gasification trailblazer

· Can one IT solution measure up for all?

· Comment: are leaked emails nail in IPCC coffin?

· Cornish dimension

· Check-ups keep pumps working

· Sex, the City and nature

November 2004

OFR and reporting

Kieron Blakemore, corporate responsibility consultancy at Bureau Veritas Consulting, examines how the OFR will impact on traditional environmental reporting

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Looking good and smelling good

Thames' new WwTW at Island Road, Reading, is something of a flagship - with an unusual appeareance, combination of processes and odour management system. WWT reports.

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Contamination crisis in Brazil

Contamination in Brazil's rivers and lakes is five times worse than a decade ago according to a new report.

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· Investing in a new works

· Enhanced cameras improve inspection

· WHO launches new standards for drinking water

· Tapping into SAP

· Public access

· Political electricity

· Focus on membrane technology