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December 2010

Black & Veatch has designs on Cincinnati tunnel project

Planning is under way for a US$244M (£156M), 1.2-mile tunnel system, pump station and enhanced high-rate treatment facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, that could reduce the mixture of sewage and stormwater that enters local waterways, improving the quality of life for the more than two million people livi

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Esholt trials AD pre-treatment technology

Yorkshire Water may have hit upon a pre-treatment technology for sludge digesters that reduces energy and increases gas production. On behalf of Eco-Solids International, Chris French explains the advantages

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UK first for Glasgow leakage

A pressure management strategy to reduce leakage in Glasgow involved a 400mm C-Valve from Plasson. The company's sales and marketing manager, Simon Merckel, reveals how

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· Closing the nutrients cycle

· The case for change adds up

· Olympian effort flows through

· Bolivia compares Copenhagen negotiation process to the Matrix

· Every little helps: Tesco edges closer to zero

· Kautex waste reduction case study

· Derailed or still on track - what now for the PFI seven?

December 2009

How to bank on plant efficiency gains

As more energy recovery facilities come on stream, Simon Ellam highlights the need for standardisation in process control so operators can boost productivity

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Chlorine? No problem

A flexible and long-lasting tank liner with a high resistance to chlorine has been developed by Hereford-based tank manufacturer Franklin Hodge

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Flow many reasons

A campaign by the Environmental Industries Commission urges the Government to make river quality targets more ambitious. Chris Hoggart and Tristan Stubbs explain why its success is vital for both the environment and the economy.

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· Ostara wins major US contract

· Friends of the Earth backs African COP15 plea

· SCA Recycling broadens its paper wings

· Surprise as Thames chief Owens quits

· Stay in Copenhagen until you seal a deal, leaders urged

· Designs for life

· Obama wants climate right for recycling

December 2006

Modelling aids Malaysian flood control

River system modelling and flood forecasting are growing in importance in Asian water management. Abd Jalil Hassan and Md Nassir Md Noh of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage at the National Hydraulic Research Institute in Malaysia describe a recent project in the Selangor basin.

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How to stop lining shrinkage

Over the past 30 years, Insituform Technologies has built a reputation for installing cured-in-place pipe-lining systems that are inverted using water. But it has also developed a variety of other innovative pipeline rehabilitation systems.

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Affordable desalination deemed success

The Affordable Desalination Demonstration Project was launched two years ago, and set out to demonstrate that seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination could produce a cubic metre of product water for an energy cost of 1.7kWh. It also sought to establish the relationships between RO reject rate,

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· Electrification plan for Cuban irrigation

· Commercial composting provides food for thought

· Russia fails to provide housing for those moved out of polluted zone

· Komatsu helps boost capacity for compost

· Environmental Case Law Summary, December 06

· Get your motor running

· Dutch lead post-tsunami reconstruction in Indonesia

December 2001

Polish enthusiasm for new lining techniques

Anna Wrobleweska of Wavin Metalplast-Buk reveals that the increasing use of compact pipe in Poland is the result of a combination of sound market research, promotion and persuading investors and contractors of its benefits.

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Creating the right environment for success

Alain Vidal of IPTRID - International Programme for Technology & Research in Irrigation and Drainage - reports on a project which is assessing the technologies, policies and practices required for efficient water conservation

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Flagging-up improvements

Southern Water's capital investment plan begins to pay dividends

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· Double take on jetting damage

· Big plant - cheap at the price

· A quick cure for lining large diameter mains

· Water abstraction: reforms in the pipeline?

· Calculating the cost of flood

· Custom-built recycling plant handles construction site debris and waste

· Targeting the long term effects