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December 2010

Develop merges gas and water training

Skills training provider Develop Training has merged its water and gas operations to create a new dedicated Utility Division in response to market trends for multi-utility companies. The utility division has been developed over the past eight months, and has an emphasis on digital and on-site learni

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A powerful push for phosphorus capture and recovery

With global phosphorous stocks dwindling, recovery of this agricultural necessity from sewage is becoming increasingly viable, says Frank Rogalla of Aqualia

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Food producer doubles its reuse capability

Water reuse is an increasingly attractive process for food manufacturers across the UK and worldwide. Geraint Catley and Steve Goodwin of Aquabio revisit an expanding site in Evesham to increase capacity

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· Derailed or still on track - what now for the PFI seven?

· WEEE regulations recast

· Will regulation threaten future investment?

· Kautex waste reduction case study

· A big drop of ingenuity

· Olympian effort flows through

· Don't fall foul of flats, just house the right bin

December 2009

WWF backs African calls for Kyoto-style agreement

Kim Carstensen, the leader of WWF Global Climate Initiative looks at Monday's suspension of the COP15 talks.

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European courts settle cross-border spat over siting of nuclear plant

Land owners in Austria have no legal recourse to stop the activity of a nuclear plant across the border in the Czech Republic.

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Friends of the Earth backs African COP15 plea

Commenting on today's Africa Group protest at the lack of progress on agreeing new targets for rich countries to slash their emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, Andy Atkins, executive director of Friends of the Earth, said The African countries' protest highlights the dirty tactics of rich countries

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· Offers on table for Copenhagen likely to deliver 3.5°C rise

· Flow many reasons

· Election deadline threat to flood bill

· Small but perfectly formed

· Water work sees surge in confidence

· Challenges should not 'delay AMP5'

· Practical lessons for real-life jobs

December 2006

Finland in wolf hunting howler

Finland has been savaged by the European Court of Justice for authorising wolf hunting without proving the activity would not cause long-term damage to populations of the predator.

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The waste industry under the spotlight

A detailed analysis of the UK waste management market has been published in a new report. LAWR looks at what's driving the market and pinpoints key trends

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Automatic for the people

In the UK, on average 151 litres of water is lost in leaks every day per property. As utilities look at implementing systems to help with conservation, there are several areas where improvements can be made, writes Berry Drijsen.

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· Court hears of state's failure on noise laws

· Overlooking the obvious

· Commercial composting provides food for thought

· How Barnet is winning the war on fly-tipping

· Tilting dam could save UK homes

· Transformation: What does it really mean?

· Affordable desalination deemed success

December 2001

Sweeper designs face the 'Scrapheap Challenge'

Sweeping along the road to TV fame, far from the serious day-to-day business of engineering state-of-the art equipment to meet the demanding environmental standards, a leading British manufacturer faced an entirely different test when Johnston Compact Sweepers' Chief Engineer, Mike Hasler,

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Education, education, education

Risk assessment training to meet legislative targets brings both employees and employers up-to-date with important health and safety issues, and ensures those targets are met

The phrase 'industrial environmental monitoring' conjures up two main images; one of industrial plant emissions that may affect the external environment, and one which highlights the need for internal monitoring to ensure the health and safety of employees. Mark Burrup, Draeger Ltd, examine

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Polish enthusiasm for new lining techniques

Anna Wrobleweska of Wavin Metalplast-Buk reveals that the increasing use of compact pipe in Poland is the result of a combination of sound market research, promotion and persuading investors and contractors of its benefits.

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· Improved waste management services needed to halt rise in domestic volumes

· Ireland maps out massive investment to meet EU environmental standards

· Shredders offer iltimate solutions in tackling wide variety of waste

· Report shames local authorities

· Changing face of water utilities

· Flexible solutions for emissions monitoring

· Sustainable, safe and economically viable