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December 2015

VIDEO: edie investigates Asia Pulp & Paper's zero-deforestation progress

EXCLUSIVE: Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has revolutionised its approach to deforestation, but the group's sustainability journey has not been without its challenges. In this mini-documentary, edie takes a tour of APP's operations in Indonesia.

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Sustainability Reporting: Taking the first steps

Convincing stakeholders - and perhaps even yourself - to undertake your company's first sustainability report is a daunting task. What are the key first steps you must take to embark upon a successful sustainability reporting journey.

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Sustainability Reporting: More goals, more targets, more frameworks, more reporting

Ahead of edie's Sustainability Reporting Conference which takes place in February, conference chair Elaine Cohen examines the challenges and opportunities of the current reporting landscape, with an insight into what we can expect in the coming year.

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· Interactive Map: The world's 14 biggest carbon emitters

December 2014

Edie explains: MCERTS

The Environment Agencies Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) is designed to ensure that potential polluters are monitoring their emissions effectively. But how exactly does the Scheme work?

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Forward thinking: 10 futuristic ideas we'd LOVE to see developed in 2015

What will the future of energy look like? Will we all be driving cars powered by solar energy from space, living in wind-powered homes and working in waste-powered offices?

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Defining zero-carbon: Government's golden opportunity

Emma Hines, senior manager of sustainable construction at Lafarge Tarmac, argues that the absence of a zero-carbon standard for non-domestic buildings has resulted in uncertainty, due to a lack of legislative clarity and no mandated need to embrace zero carbon.

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· Solar subsidies: Paving the way for a support-free future

· Cutting deforestation: A business imperative

· Spaceflight sustainability: Houston, we have a (pollution) problem

December 2011

Climate change and population growth spurring on Anglian Water

Sustainability has become key to Anglian Water's investment decision-making as it looks to minimise environmental impacts

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Analysing the chemical burden

As a new legislative era dawns for chemical usage and the environment, Kirit Wadhia, ecotoxicology services manager at microbiology company NCIMB, highlights some new technological approaches.

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Ambitious plans for canned fish

Seafood company John West is determined to continue putting sustainable fishing practices at the heart of its business

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· Bulmers aims to brew a better future

· Biwater Holdings quits UK regulated market

· Roadmap to resource efficiency

· The high cost of living with incineration

· Optimising energy efficiency

· Packaged solution solves quality issue

· Fighting litter with community spirit

December 2006

Belgium rapped by Brussels

Belgium has failed to adopt laws on environmental impact assessments which should have been written into its statue books over two years ago.

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Dutch design treatment for Ghanaian waterworks

Rising demand for water in the Ghanaian town of Kwanyaku means that the waterworks need upgrading and the distribution system extending. Fred de Bruijn and Peter Tienhooven of Dutch consultant Witteveen+Bos outline the plans.

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Wallonia leads Europe in water management

Drinking water and wastewater provision in the Belgian region of Wallonia is managed with model efficiency by the public sector. Jean-Marie Wauthier, head of environmental desk in Walloon, explains how social responsibility has been combined with effective private partnerships to deliver integrated

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· No impact assessment for waste plant lands Italy in hot water

· Visible benefit from zoo's conditioning system

· Komatsu helps boost capacity for compost

· Your legal queries answered

· Tilting dam could save UK homes

· Modelling aids Malaysian flood control

· Automatic for the people