Always-on: Staying top of mind in B2B marketing

Last updated: 10th April 2024

Have you ever met someone at a networking event, only to have them forget your name moments later? A similar fate can land on B2B brands that rely solely on one-off marketing tactics. To cultivate lasting relationships with potential customers, a strategic approach is necessary. Enter always-on marketing.

A consistent presence for long-term success

Always-on marketing, also known as brand awareness, is a continuous marketing strategy. Unlike short-lived campaigns, it maintains consistent brand visibility, fostering trust and recognition. This approach not only strengthens relationships with existing customers but also attracts new leads and positions your business as the preferred choice when prospects are ready to buy. That’s why industry experts recommend allocating 60% of marketing efforts to brand awareness and 40% to lead generation.

It sounds promising, but it’s important to remember that always-on marketing must be done properly to work, or Google will relegate it quickly and no one will ever see it. With plenty of ads out there, yours needs to stand out. But don’t worry, The Marketing Pod’s Head of Digital Marketing has these top tips:

Why always-on marketing – The power of multiple touchpoints

HubSpot research reveals that B2B buyers require at least eight interactions with a brand before making a purchase decision2. Always-on marketing facilitates these touchpoints strategically, often through automated drip campaigns. Always-on campaigns are often automated, so once they are set up, they require fewer interventions when compared to tactical campaigns. This method allows marketing teams to work smarter, not harder, by nurturing leads consistently while focusing resources on lead generation activities.

The ROI of awareness

Effective brand awareness campaigns establish positive associations that translate to increased return on investment (ROI). Studies indicate that 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to buy upon their initial visit3. While lead generation campaigns may seem crucial, building brand recognition ensures your company remains relevant when prospects are ready to convert.

The merits of diversification

While targeted marketing campaigns have their place, and we all know they can work extremely well, relying solely on them presents a significant risk. The fast-paced digital landscape, with its distractions and multiple screens, can easily lead to missed opportunities – even a well-placed ad or timely email can fail to be seen. Always-on marketing mitigates this risk by establishing a consistent brand presence across various channels, ensuring your message reaches the right audience even amidst fleeting attention spans.

Crafting a winning always-on strategy, with planning, focus and optimisation

The foundation of successful brand awareness campaigns lies in meticulous planning with clearly defined objectives. Plan. Focus. Don’t waste a single word or space. For instance, if your brand aspires to be recognised for sustainability, develop an omnichannel strategy that emphasises this value proposition across all platforms, with targeted messaging for each channel.

Optimising your reach by taking a multi-channel approach

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising remains a popular strategy due to its extensive reach and ability to drive website traffic. However, a multi-channel approach is essential to overcome limitations. Consider that 42.7% of internet users employ ad blockers3, hindering your ability to connect with this segment through paid advertising. Explore alternative channels such as email marketing (EDMs) and organic social media content.

Remember, your website is the hub of your brand experience

Your company’s website serves as a crucial touchpoint. Prioritise search engine optimisation (SEO) to enhance website traffic and curate a seamless user experience. Strategic placement of elements like banners and hero images can showcase your brand and entice users to engage further. For instance, offer compelling CTAs to encourage users to subscribe to communications or a monthly newsletter, fostering ongoing brand interaction.

Investing in brand awareness: A recipe for long-term success

Prioritising brand awareness is paramount for B2B success. While lead generation holds undeniable appeal, a foundational investment in brand recognition ensures long-lasting impact. By consistently staying top-of-mind, your company will be the natural choice when prospects are ready to make informed purchase decisions.

Ready to learn more?

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