Do you know how you are going to tackle the Net Zero challenge?

Last updated: 27th January 2020

There is much that you could be doing immediately to identify the risks and opportunities in your organisation and to develop a strategy to achieve Net Zero. A holistic, strategic, long-view approach is required but few organisations available in-house to achieve this by themselves. Where's the best place to start?

The Government has set a target of achieving Net Zero greenhouse gases (GHG) by 2050 but there is no time to waste. Scientists tell us we need to act urgently and there is much that you could be doing immediately to identify the risks and opportunities in your organisation and to develop a strategy to achieve Net Zero.

Few organisations have the knowledge and resources available in-house to achieve this by themselves. JRP can help.

Using a combination of extensive specialist expertise in energy and carbon efficiency, sustainability strategies, data analysis and cutting-edge technologies, JRP can work in partnership with you to achieve Net Zero. We will develop and deliver a comprehensive plan that optimises energy and resource use and progressively reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

A holistic, strategic, long-view approach that covers every aspect of your organisation, is required to deliver the maximum benefit and to place your business in the best position to achieve Net Zero.

Typically, our approach would include, but is not limited to:

  • Developing a best practice Net Zero policy.
  • Engaging senior directors to ensure top-level buy-in.
  • Creating a Net Zero roles and responsibilities structure.
  • Creating and delivering a Net Zero communications programme.
  • Development of a Net Zero Action Plan which may include Science Based Targets (SBTs)
  • Identification of training needs, including ‘training the trainer’ (to maximise in-house embedding of knowledge where possible).
  • Delivery of a tailored training and behaviour change programme.
  • Support in recruitment of personnel with specific knowledge and experience.
  • Review and modification of management systems and procedures around energy and resource efficiency for cost-effective management.
  • Full audit of energy and resource use (covering procurement, materials and waste management) to identify opportunities to minimise GHG emissions
  • Options appraisals, outsourcing support and financing options to deliver most efficient plant and equipment upgrades/installations.
  • Project implementation management.
  • Mentoring staff with Net Zero roles to deliver the projects.
  • Using big data effectively to support measurable continuous improvement against standards including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We will also consider the use of longer-term, evolving sustainable solutions and technologies;

  • Renewable energy
  • Decentralised energy generation
  • Energy storage
  • New material and product solutions
  • Electrification of heat and transport
  • Long term feasibility of green gas
  • Hydrogen technology
  • District heating and cooling schemes
  • Data, The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) technologies

We work with a network of leading specialists who add specific expertise to complement the wide range of services we offer.

If you would like to discuss your next steps to Net Zero, please call us on 0800 6127 567, book a call back through our website or email [email protected].

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