HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power Modeling Software

Last updated: 11th August 2022

UL Solutions and HOMER Energy by UL provide tools, services and information for the microgrid and distributed energy market.

Modeling software for technical and economic optimization of microgrid and distributed energy resources and systems

UL Solutions helps customers in the fast-growing microgrid and distributed energy market maximize efficiency, cost-savings, and revenue along the hybrid microgrid value chain. Our customers realize value, demonstrate safety and deliver performance by utilizing our hybrid power system optimization software. HOMER modeling software facilitates decision-making on the optimal mix of resources, system configuration, and capital and operating costs of microgrids and distributed energy resources (DER). Together, UL Solutions and HOMER Energy by UL Solutions provide a strong foundation to empower people around the world with tools, services, and information to accelerate the adoption of renewable and distributed energy sources. 


HOMER® Pro provides insight into the complexities and tradeoffs of designing cost-effective, reliable microgrids or distributed energy resources that combine conventional and renewable energy, storage and load management. Through the simulation of engineering and economic feasibility in a single run, you can make informed decisions and design the least-cost system with confidence. HOMER Pro enables the optimization of standalone hybrid microgrid applications in all sectors—from village power to island utilities.


HOMER® Grid optimizes the value of behind-the-meter, distributed energy systems anywhere in the world, especially when demand charges, resilience, and energy arbitrage matter. With HOMER Grid, you can intelligently reduce the peak power you buy from the utility each month, determine the best mix of resources for the least-cost solution, design a system with the highest possible rate of return, and demonstrate the value of your behind-the-meter grid-connected distributed generation systems.


HOMER® Front helps you maximize return on utility-scale energy storage systems with or without solar and wind. Whether you are participating in merchant energy markets or contracted with a power purchase agreement, HOMER Front performs techno-economic analysis of numerous complex variables to provide critical, actionable insights and strategies that help you determine the most efficient hybrid power system.


Companies and organizations of all sizes have used HOMER® SaaS API to deploy custom applications to streamline internal processes, generate leads and qualify customers, or seamlessly integrate HOMER into their own software platform. HOMER SaaS enables you to create customized web, mobile, or desktop applications, built on the power of the HOMER Pro or HOMER Grid.

HOMER Controller API

The HOMER platform for optimizing microgrid design includes your choice of out-of-the box controller algorithms. If your business has its own proprietary controller solution, you can use the HOMER® Controller API to deliver your controller and its logic as an option in the HOMER platform.

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