InNOVATIon drives the circular economy

Last updated: 25th September 2023

Environmental consultants, Novati, help businesses across the UK to manage their waste more effectively. From transport and distribution to hospitality and retail, their Innovation Consultants cover a range of sectors helping clients to be more sustainable and improve their business performance.

Recognising the rising demand for sustainable asset disposal and keen to expand their service offering, Novati partnered with Ramco to give their clients’ redundant equipment a new lease of life.

Our role was clear: to reduce wastage and reuse good assets that many view as a waste stream, all while generating a financial return for the client.

Breathing new life into old equipment

One of Novati’s clients, an international energy company, had accumulated around 50 tonnes of old equipment but couldn’t find a new use for the items. So, Novati teamed up with Ramco.

Over two days, the mountain of equipment – including electrical tools, machinery, catering supplies and storage containers – was collected from site and transported to Ramco’s specialist reuse facility in Lincolnshire. Ramco carefully catalogued and prepared the equipment to be sold through its online auction, ready for global buyers and businesses to give it a second home.

As well as the carbon and cost saving benefits of reuse, breathing new life into this surplus equipment also unlocked welcome funds for Novati’s client that can be reinvested within the business.

Novati and Ramco: A successful partnership

Together, Novati and Ramco achieved outstanding results and are planning to team up again in the future, avoiding more surplus assets being wasted.

Danielle Cragg, Head of Supplier Development at Novati, commented, “In an industry still focused on waste and bins, we’re committed to viewing old equipment as a valuable resource. It’s critical that we help our clients find sustainable solutions that focus on repairing, reusing and redistributing materials. So, when our client approached us with a large volume of redundant but reusable assets, we knew we needed to find a way to ensure they were given a second life.”

“Partnering with Ramco has been the perfect solution. It’s helped us to save hundreds of assets from being treated as a waste stream and enabled us to continue helping our clients on their sustainable journey. Best of all, it enhanced our contributions to the UK’s circular economy targets.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Ramco on many more projects and seeing what other equipment we can give a second life to.”

Teddy Townsend, Business Development Manager at Ramco, says: “We’ve been at the forefront of the circular economy for more than 26 years, helping businesses to give their surplus assets a new lease of life, and we are delighted to have partnered with Novati to help their clients find value in unwanted equipment.

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