Let phs’ water consultants cut your water usage and save you money – By Liam Greenall, Strategic Business Development Manager of washroom experts phs Group

Last updated: 19th July 2019

Do you want to save your business money and do more for the environment? Cutting water usage is not only the right thing to do for the planet, it can also save your business thousands of pounds. In fact, the savings generated by phs’ patented water-saving devices not only pay for themselves but keep on generating savings every day. Reports indicate wasted water costs UK businesses a staggering £3.5bn each year and our experience has shown us that businesses often don’t realise how much excess money they are quite literally pouring down the drain. However, a few simple water minimisation measures can cut water usage by up to 70% in the washroom, making it one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways a business can cut costs.

phs leads the market in water management systems, urinal services as well as sanitising and cleaning products for the washroom. We have been developing innovative and patented water-saving products for decades. From flush and water management controls, urinal sleeves to cistern sanitisers, our products help prevent blockages, eliminate odour and reduce running costs.

With a free audit, phs’ water-saving consultants will work with you to prepare a full water minimisation plan. This includes identifying issues such as potential leakages before introducing efficiency measures where you’ll see a real difference to your bottom line.

We’ve been doing this for a well-known restaurant chain – resolving leaks, redundant water controls and blocked pipes that were having a huge impact on odours and reactive costs. One of the measures we’ve introduced is a urinal flow saver that regulates the flow of water and a urinal sleeve to eliminate odours and blockages. Until now, the restaurant urinals had been flushing every 15-30 minutes, 24 hours a day. However, the device’s infra-red system now detects the presence of the first customer and begins working as soon as its needed – rather than wasting water around the clock. With measures such as these, we’re deliverable demonstrable cost and environmental savings with net benefit improvements across the chain’s washrooms.

It’s what we do for all our customers. For example, phs’ water-saving devices have helped a city council save up to three litres of water per toilet flush, 96% of urinal water usage and 80% of washbasin water. We’ve also helped a stadium use 65% less water with a financial saving of £15,000 and a reduced a pub chain’s water consumption by 80%, saving over £600 per washroom each year.

We know businesses want to do their bit for the environment and this isn’t always easy. However, at phs, we’re well versed in helping businesses reach and exceed their sustainability objectives in ways that cut costs, deliver savings and make business sense. 

Let us help you.

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