UK organisations spend almost double the time considering buying new equipment as they do getting rid of the kit they no longer need

Last updated: 22nd November 2023

Reuse specialist, Ramco, is urging businesses to place the same value on the sustainable disposal of outgoing equipment as on the procurement process for new assets.

The alarming new data shows nearly half (48%) of UK organisations that send their unwanted but working equipment to scrap or landfill, choose this option because it requires less effort than re-homing redundant items.

Conducted by Censuswide, Ramco’s research further reveals nearly a third (31%) of Senior Managers in the UK who send unwanted items to scrap or landfill say that being sustainable is not a priority for their organisation. Neil Sanderson, Founder and MD of Ramco says action is needed and businesses must take accountability for extending the life of their unwanted equipment.

Neil comments: “We’re in a climate crisis and yet UK business operations are still causing so much unnecessary waste. It’s shocking to see this data reveal the scale of the disparity between the sustainable disposal of unwanted commercial assets, versus the value placed on procuring shiny new kit. The outgoing equipment still holds so much value and, with consideration, can go on to realise its full potential with a new owner.

“It’s disheartening to discover 1 in 5 UK businesses still send working equipment to scrap or landfill rather than giving it a second lease of life in a new home. We understand organisations need to keep their facilities up to date or bring in more efficient technology, but the outgoing equipment still has potential and holds precious value.

“With 70% of organisations saying they have unwanted, working equipment sitting idle, we need to ensure these assets don’t go down the scrap or landfill route and instead are rehomed and put back into circulation to fulfil their product lifecycle”.

Neil continues: “We’ve seen a booming second-hand market in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing. Our customers are buying everything from vehicles, plant and machinery, to gym equipment and forklifts. With the cost of doing business continuing to rise, now is a great time to sell redundant assets.

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