What is the future of ESG software?

Last updated: 6th July 2023

With increasing disclosure demands from both regulators and investors, ESG software is essential for enhancing a companies’ sustainability reporting and performance. Jonas Bohlin, Chief Product Officer at Position Green, looks at some of the opportunities in the field of ESG data and the tech innovations to keep you one step ahead.

What needs and opportunities in the field of sustainability data do you see as driving tech developments?

The growing wave of ESG regulation in the EU, UK and US is creating a complex system of overlapping frameworks that many businesses find hard to navigate. Companies’ sustainability data tends to be spread out across multiple systems and organisations, which creates opportunities for solutions that can efficiently consolidate this data. Furthermore, the evolving complexities of ESG data management make it clear that general purpose software is no longer a viable option. In this space, innovation is key, with solutions that combine both leading tech and human expertise.

Shifting regulatory demands and market expectations highlight the importance of connecting strategy and targets with data management and working with sustainability. There is an opportunity for more integrated collaboration within the value chain to streamline data sharing and lessen the workload of suppliers.

What innovative software capabilities can help address these challenges?

Companies need to integrate agile processes that help ensure regulatory compliance and drive value creation. We are continuously developing full-cycle ESG Solutions that enable users to map, collect, analyse, benchmark and report sustainability data across multiple ESG domains and standards. The benchmarking features allow you to understand your performance in relation to industry peers by comparing specific data categories. At the same time, the growing number of companies and suppliers in the Position Green sphere provides opportunities for seamless benchmarking within the ecosystem.

The aim of our Connect strategy is to open up for integrations between Position Green and any other platform, where our customers can connect to Position Green in a form of data-sharing marketplace. The internal collaboration and data sharing between PortCos, funds and suppliers create more efficient data collection and monitoring. Furthermore, our simulations provide forecasting that lets you see where changes cant improve performance. And then, of course, there is the topic of our times – AI.

How can AI be used to improve sustainability performance?

We just announced our first AI based feature – the AI Analyst, enabling users to get instant insights and analysis on all graphs and visualisations in our suite of ESG software products. It provides context-aware insights into your organisation’s sustainability work so that controllers can shorten the distance from analysis to decisions that create value for your business. 

How does Position Green stand out from the crowd?

First, we’re pure play sustainability. Second, we combine leading tech and human expertise in sustainability to bring software that truly solves companies’ sustainability challenges. And third, we’re committed to enabling impact, allowing customers to go beyond compliance. This year alone, our product and tech team has grown from 10 to 35, and we’re still expanding to make sure we provide excellent service to all our customers across industries and geographies.

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