Why diamonds are a toilet’s best friend

Last updated: 10th October 2022

Whilst companies are increasingly aware of the need to reduce the volume of chemicals used to clean washrooms, the challenge has long been balancing a move to more natural solutions that comply with COSHH regulations whilst maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

This is why GreenTeck Global’s innovative ECOFLOW – which uses patented, diamond flow-cell technology to convert ordinary tap water on demand into aqueous ozone – represents such a game-changing moment for the industry.

Not only is this chemical-free liquid a safe, sustainable and cost-effective cleaning solution, but it also offers more powerful disinfectant properties than bleach; a benefit which allows it to break down and kill bacteria, pathogens and viruses while destroying stubborn smells. And, once used, the aqueous ozone simply turns back into water, eliminating any risk of onward damaging environmental consequences.

When phs Group found out about the ECOFLOW chemical-free washroom system, it promptly secured a five-year exclusive contract to help make it even easier for phs customers across the country to make sustainable hygiene solutions part of their day-to-day operations.

The collaboration followed the success of an eight-month trial at phs Group’s operations centre in Hayes, which put ECOFLOW through its paces. To be sure that the new washroom solution was responsible for destroying, rather than simply masking, lingering bathroom-related odours, all other smell-management products – such as cistern sanitisers and air fresheners – were removed.

After just one day, most unpleasant urinal smells in the depot washrooms had already disappeared. And within a week of installation, all unpleasant odours had been fully neutralised. What’s more, ongoing inspections revealed how the aqueous ozone’s oxidative strength broke down the uric acid build-up on plumbing fixtures during flushing. This process cleared the cisterns of organic debris, leaving pipes free of uric crystals and the limescale that clings to it, which improved water flow and ensured the bathrooms remained odour-free.

Since phs secured the exclusive contract, the ECOFLOW’S decreased need for additional products or maintenance requirements are already proving popular in high footfall areas, such as schools, shopping centres and stations. The Worcester Warriors were one of the first clubs to recognise the benefits of this 100% natural cleaning system and introduce the easy-to-install ECOFLOW in their Sixways Stadium to improve customer experience on matchdays.

Similarly, hotel groups such as Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels in Scotland plus UK train companies have also been quick to recognise how minimising their chemical usage and killing odours at source has the added effect of reducing the amount of cleaning needed to keep their toilets fresh. To date, Great Western Railway has already installed ECOFLOW units at a number of its stations, including Bristol Parkway and Oxford.

In a bid to deliver tangible benefits to the environment as well as their bottom line, many phs customers are starting to use ECOFLOW in conjunction with FLOWSAVER. Not only does this customisable water management control provide a complete hygiene solution for urinals, but – critically – it can also cut the amount of water used by up to 70%.

Changing the way we clean, and introducing at-source solutions that transform ordinary tap water into a strong but safe steriliser, helps companies cut back on products, packaging and paperwork and minimise their carbon footprint. Ultimately, this is exactly the kind of progress we need to encourage across our industry, making it even easier for companies to do the right thing and incorporate sustainable cleaning solutions into their workplace.

To find out more about ECOFLOW’S environmentally-friendly cleaning system visit www.phs.co.uk/products/ecoflow

N.B. The information contained in this entry is provided by the above supplier, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher

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