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In this episode of the podcast, edie’s senior reporter Matt Mace takes a tour of The Body Shop’s newly-opened innovation lab to discover how the cosmetics retailer is championing ethical sourcing practices while catering to consumer demand.

In order to ensure the £1m facility remains in one piece, The Body Shop’s director of corporate social responsibility Chris Davis and research and innovation director Gaetane David act as tour guides, answering questions about how the lab supports the firm’s ambitious CSR strategy.  

So, what aspect of the lab excites them the most? How can science enhance the credentials of ethically-sourced materials? And, crucially, how important is innovation to driving sustainable business? In this 20-minute episode, edie gets a unique, hands-on experience of the lab, and learns how raw materials are transformed into healthy, sustainable products.

January was edie’s innovation month of editorial content. Read all of edie’s innovation content here.


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