2nd Resource Revolution leader interview with Mike Walters, John LewisPartnership

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23/09/2019 07:5

In the second in our FCC Environment-sponsored Resource Revolution leader video interview series, John Lewis Partnership's recycling and waste operations manager, Mike Walters, offers a compelling retail perspective on how corporate resource efficiency is reshaping the waste supply chain.Following the publication of edie's recent White Paper, he forecasts a dramatic change for the waste sector in 20 years' time, in which more on-site diversion and treatment solutions are adopted to cut down on logistics and where disposal costs for businesses are replaced by income streams."I don't think there will be something called waste, I think there will be end-of-first-life materials ... that's a phrase we are adopting now within our business."

Video: 2nd Resource Revolution leader interview with Mike Walters, John LewisPartnership
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