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Here at UK Plumbing Supplies, we supply multilayer pipes, tools and accessories, and fittings and manifolds. UK Plumbing Supplies is the sole agent for Rifeng piping systems in the UK. Rifeng are the largest multilayer pex-al-pex pipe manufacturer in the world. They supply pex-al-pex multilayer pipes throughout the globe, garnering all manner of certifications and approvals along the way. Most multilayer pipe manufacturers, due to their lack of certification such as WRAS, produce multilayer pipe with certain critical limitations making it unsuitable for potable water applications. Our multilayer pex-al-pex pipe can be used for various types of plumbing applications from underfloor heating, to central heating as well as potable water installations. As an underfloor heating pipe system, UK Plumbing Supplies are confident it offers the most high quality and cost saving solution to the underfloor heating market as well as all other areas of domestic plumbing needs.

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