COP28 Covered Podcast episode 12 | The final agreement unwrapped – ‘Beginning of the end’ for fossil fuels

We have a deal! After nearly 200 countries agree to "transition away from fossil fuels", Luke, Matt and Sarah re-unite in the UK to unpack the final agreement and reflect on the highs, lows and in-betweens of COP28, including a live special guest to close out the series.

COP28 Covered Podcast episode 12 | The final agreement unwrapped – ‘Beginning of the end’ for fossil fuels

Images top line: Luke Nicholls for edie. Bottom line image: UNFCCC / Kiara Worth

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Whether you’re a business leader, sustainability professional, youth activist or just someone with a passion for all things sustainability and climate action – this podcast is for you! Brought to you by the award-winning edie content team, the COP28 Covered podcast brings you everything you need to know from each day of the crucial climate talks, wrapped up into 30-minute episodes.


For our twelfth and final episode, Luke, Matt and Sarah discuss the historic final agreement to “transition away” from fossil fuels – but an agreement that nonetheless has loopholes for carbon capture, gas as a transition fuel and fossil subsidies.

The edie trio are then joined by a live special guest in the form of Sally Uren, chief executive of the international sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future, who gives her take on the agreement and what it means for UK businesses.

We then close off the show with a final game of “good COP, bad COP” to discuss the highlights – and lowlights of this year’s summit, before preparing ourselves for the Christmas wind down.

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