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Liverpool to use blockchain technology to become world's first climate-positive city

I have always been lukewarm about carbon offsetting because once you have released your carbon the carbon has been released and paying somebody else not to release carbon is, well, not really balancing your carbon releases. I was hoping that this article would be about clever new ways of improving public transport, insulation etc. However it is good that Liverpool care.

Morrisons trials in-store deposit return system for plastic bottles

Hello, I would like to thank for this communicative information and article. I find this idea excellent, in a transitory period to battle de plastic bottle waste and recycling. I would like to know which are the fabricants of those machines, to propose and copy the same example to other supermarkets. Yours faithfully, Diego Lavarello

One billion people without access to efficient cooling technology, says report

Air conditioning units give out enormous amounts of heat. Where do you think that heat goes from the air it is cooling? Narnia? They use prodigious amounts of energy which also produces heat so cooling a room results in more heating of the atmosphere.

How Coca-Cola is engaging policymakers and the public to combat plastics pollution

The 11 points are sensible and I can imagne have been contributed by Coca Cola Europe where in many countries deposit schemes never stopped or re started a long time ago. We dont have to faff around for much longer. Just go to places like Germany, see the implementation and then just adopt it. These countries have years of experience and they have generally ironed out all the problems. Dont assume that the answer is always recycle. Plastic bottles can also and should also be reused along with glass bottles and they should be standardised so that the containers can be reused by any company so that local circulation can be achieved. The 11 points are pretty well pointing to the German system which is for ALL packaging. If only somebody in government had the wit to grasp this.

UK to champion green aviation through ?343m Sector Deal

It is impossible for a minister to announce anything without "leading the world". I don''t know if any other countries have this arrogance or are they just getting on with it

Economy-wide carbon tax would create 'level playing field' for UK businesses

This looks like a good example of a import levy. Why not extend it to taxing imports from countries with low worker welfare and using the funds to improve conditions for workers in that country.

Waste incineration set to overtake recycling in England, Greens warn

Christopher, I am really really sorry to hear about this. I followed it a bit in Private Eye a few years ago but assumed that sense had prevailed. About 30 years ago, Hampshire was a "beacon" council for recycling for a while but when the incinerators arrived (replacing older ones) recycling fell by the wayside and Hampshire languishes at the bottom of the national recycling league. While Munich kept its last incinerator going the city did not fully join in with the nationwide "yellow bin" packaging recycling in order to feed the incinerator. This looks really stupid from Europe. The still have waste incinerators left over from a bygone age and according to Private eye, the UK had the option of sending waste to Belgium at rock bottom prices which would have tied us over until the recycling infrastructure was in place but politicians become obsessed with these projects. Being the UK the politicians become obsessed with 30 year old ideas that are clearly wrong. Damn them and their stupidity.

Waste incineration set to overtake recycling in England, Greens warn

Gloucester are building the largest incinerator in creation? 500M Old technology on a vast scale! Its 4 times the size of Exeter who are now scaling down their incineration in favour of major recycling and Biomass manufacture. Gloucester is so big that the county cannot feed it 24/7 and have to resort to deliveries of waste from all over the UK? Surprisingly from a reliable source they are even thinking of tendering from the EU??!!!!!!! There will be in access of 70 trucks a day & night feeding the furnaces, so say to produce electricity into the grid?This on an already congested road? Its a major white elephant and as recycling and Biomass takes over, while industries cut back on packaging and waste it will need to seek out rubbish from around the world?? Incredible. The Government that sanctioned it "Pickles I believe" conservative had no real understanding of waste and the dioxins and pollution that could very well hit Gloucester and the towns and villages close by???? They had a real opportunity to create a major recycling industry with major research in the process but choose not to!!! for reasons like big business takes over, environment comes second?????? What an absolute waste of money!! Its out of date before being built? It demands huge resources thereby fostering and trying to maintain waste? its life span is no more that 5 years,before they have to source waste from around the world? It will send a plume out over Gloucester and the pollution will be carried on the westerlies. There is no such thing as zero pollution, FACT??The EU waste tax that is currently in force will no longer apply after Brexit and by then we should be scaling down our land fill by recycling with industrial reductions in waste? after all industry doesn''t want waste or packaging as that''s just wasted money? and the supermarkets are also following suit!!!! there are numerous ways of packing and sending products onto the open market instead of the waste that currently exists!!!! No it''s folly on a grand scale yet they know this???? Having discussed this with specialists that have real inside knowledge of the incineration as opposed to Gasification it''s absurd and like trying to reinvent the 60tys technology with a twig or to??? No Mr Government this contract needs to be stopped and then converted into a major recycling plant with more jobs for Gloucestershire.

Morrisons trials in-store deposit return system for plastic bottles

I lived in Austria 15 years ago and every supermarket had a plastic bottle recycling machine where customers received their deposit back when returning plastic bottles. The scheme also handled glass bottles. The UK is archaic in this regard

Waste incineration set to overtake recycling in England, Greens warn

About 30 years I lived in Munich and the authorities wanted a THIRD incinerator. The argument for recycling actually won the day and so the third was never built. However after a period of time one was converted to coal and the other was shut down. Germany has a nationwide ban on domestic landfill. I dont think that it has to be pointed out just how successful the German economy is so we can assume that they don''t mess about. Another idea from our past and other countries supported by the University of the Bleeding Obvious is the use of REUSEABLE packaging like bottles.

Morrisons trials in-store deposit return system for plastic bottles

Well done Morrisons and Iceland. However the government should be making this mandatory and they should have done it 20 years ago. The UK is still miles behind the front runners

The Climate Coach: Renewable Energy - The Jade Advisory blog

So did I, but I could not get my present salary in my home town, so for the last 30 years I have been commuting in a variety of diesel powered motor cars - no I never considered re-locating even for the future generations - it would have meant re-locating about 6 times!

Majority of UK consumers prefer products made using renewable energy

Awareness is the best strategy to put in place for a sustainable future. the new generation of people begins to understand that the products and services that have been manufactured or acquired respecting the principles of sustainability will have more and more value and worthiness, simply because of they respect our environment, enhancing the quality of life, and healthiness. Diego Lavarello

UK's largest battery storage facility comes online in Hertfordshire

Just curious about what the installation cost to build and its operational cost ?

Molson Coors gets stamp of approval for science-based target

Hi Richard, There''s a breakdown of what Molson Coors is doing with its waste in its ESG report: on page 10. The majority is recycled, reused or composted with some used as "waste to energy".

Molson Coors gets stamp of approval for science-based target

"It reveals that Molson Coors diverted 100% of waste from 14 of its breweries and manufacturing plants from landfill last year, reducing the amount of waste it sent to landfill overall by 30% year-on-year" So what happened to it??? Richard Phillips.

TODAY AT 1PM: edie?s free 30-minute masterclass on sustainability leadership

Hi Derek, unfortunately, the webinar suffered from some technical issues. The completed version will be available on demand shortly.

TODAY AT 1PM: edie’s free 30-minute masterclass on sustainability leadership

I got to slide 31 of a great presentation at then got disconnected, rest of internet connections worked so problem with webinar. How can I get to see the ending?

Government 'distorted figures', says Tidal Lagoon Power

It is good to see this response to the governments decision. I hope that the government reads this and changes direction. I suspect it will not.

Michael Gove vows to safeguard environmental standards post-Brexit

the UK has traditionally shunned the "green crap". Many years ago I was living in Germany a bought myself a car with a catalytic converter. On a visit home I had a map of the 34 petrol stations that had lead free petrol. On question time that evening Nicolas Ridley the then Conservative Environment Minister said that Britain "led the world" on the introduction of lead free petrol. Nobody challenged him. I had no problem getting lead free petrol in Germany and Belgium until reaching these shores and yet we were "leading the world" Politicians will deceive you and Gove was a big part of the biggest deceit carried out in the UK in recent times. Even if Gove has seen the light, the shadowy, group behind him will not. It is not coincidence that Vote Leave shared the same building as the climate change denying organisation GWPF.

Cool down nuclear plan because renewables are better bet, says NIC

None of the NIC are scientifically or engineering qualified. They did realise that renewables do not generate all the time. Have just sent a twelve point criticism to them. Too long for here 2,500 words, as brief as I could make it. Ignorance is everywhere!!!!!! Richard Phillips

Taking place TOMORROW: edie?s free 30-minute masterclass on sustainability leadership

Thanks Matt!

Taking place TOMORROW: edie?s free 30-minute masterclass on sustainability leadership

Hi Melody - the webinar will be available on demand afterwards, there will be an update on edie to direct those who couldn''t tune in on the day.

Taking place TOMORROW: edie?s free 30-minute masterclass on sustainability leadership

Will this webinar be available after this date for those who can''t make that time? Thank you

UK to host world's first battery and rapid EV charging network

EV utilisation is dependent on a wide spread of charge points throughout the country NOT just high concentrations in urban areas. Until there is universal access to all charging operators, with pay per use , contactless payment, owners will predominently rely on home charging . This will severely limit electric car uptake due to ''range anxiety''.

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