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In practice: Canary Wharf Group's closed-loop Clean Coffee Zone

Love the idea of coffee logs! Where can they be purchased from? And can it be shared how they are made - compressed coffee grains?

In practice: Canary Wharf Group's closed-loop Clean Coffee Zone

Love the idea of coffee logs! Where can they be purchased from? And can it be shared how they are made - compressed coffee grains?

Tories aim to block full EU ban on bee-harming pesticides

So in that respect, farmers are no different to the finance sector who have no moral compass when it comes to making money or come to that most of commerce in the UK. The UK has become obsessed with making money regardless of the consequence for consumers and the future well being of the country. Short term profit being much more important than long term benefit. Likewise customers always want the cheapest and are quite happy to remain ignorant of the true societal cost of their purchase.

Tories aim to block full EU ban on bee-harming pesticides

It seems to me that as usual, farmers regard food as solely a max profit investment opportunity. Just like growing money.The fact that pesticides may give us all sorts of illness doesn''t seem to be of any importance. .Lets spray everything to make it larger ,fatter and quicker to doesn''t matter what effect it may have on people later in their life. I lived on a farm for a while and was AMAZED how people with NO QUALIFICATIONS were spraying chemicals everywhere on anything that was regarded as not producing money. They seemed to have no interest in the surrounding wild life whatsoever unless they could surround it and shoot at it.

Exxon, BP and Shell back carbon tax proposal to curb emissions

A Confidence trick by these companies to make it look as if they are doing something. Tax the companies trading the Oil and Gas not the people using it. This is a nonesense, the people are going to be paid a dividend great they will all buy into that and Fossil Fuels will still be bunt to provide energy for 70 years. In reality there is no financial penalty to anyone, who is in a position to make a decission to change to clean energy. When there is hydrogen production on demand On board the EV they will complain that it is a danger or some other thing. In fact anything to overcome the fact that they have not done anything about this for 25 years.

Taking pole position on sustainability: how Antarctica changed the way I see business - The DP World

Great article ! I am happy to work in a Company with that clear vision of sustainability.

Why partnerships and scale are the key to a bold sustainable business plan - The Plan A blog


It's time for ACTION: 14 green policy priorities for the new UK Government - Part one

As usual in these plans there is no mention of the potential for new and disruptive innovation and worse still there is no mention of searching out and funding new innovation to Proof of Concept. We are in a War with Carbon and yet there is still disjointed thinking that this only involves Defra, so lets correct this and include the DfT and also the Treasury. This is as serious as Brexit and I am going to say the same, there is a dire need for cross party support, debate and decisions which is being put forward as needing to be in place for the next 25 years. I would like to see Caroline Lucas in the Chair, all that I can see is that Gove had a disastrous result at Education and had he had more time at the MoJ the staff of the Prisons would have been rioting. The only person I can think who would be worse at Defra is Pruit .. D Trumps EPA . Another point, the issue of Global Warming has been well published since the Shell video on the subject. It is quite clear that the methods and processes put in place in an attempt to mitigate the issues have not had anywhere near the desired effect. If this was a Company the investors would have changed the CEO years ago and a few more since. We are not going to put this right by having the same people who got us here supposedly putting things right which means setting a date by which Fossil Fuels are no longer burnt.

It's time for ACTION: 14 green policy priorities for the new UK Government - Part one

Item 5. 40,000 people do not die in the UK every year as a result of air pollution. Yet that figure, as respiratory physician Professor Tony Frew explained has is zombie statistic - however many times you try to kill it, it comes back. And it's simply not true. So what is the truth? The Royal Colleges of Physicians and of Paediatrics and Child Health actually says "40,000 EQUIVALENT lives" are lost each year as a result of all outdoor air pollution - which is actually only a few hours or days each over a population of 65 million. I had always understood that the first rule of journalism is "check your facts and sources". Can we not now put this scaremongering item into the wastepaper basket? It is, however, quite true that air pollution in large towns is much higher than elsewhere, and this needs an economically viable solution; or some initial approach, which must be practical. Richard Phillips

Heathrow expands airline league table to incentivise emissions reductions

Is this the same British Airways that ranked bottom in a 2015 league table for fuel efficiency? (see Actually, the two are not incompatible, as the latter was looking at a quite different metric (passenger-km per litre of fuel), and penalised BA because of its relatively low seat density. But even so, I can''t help wondering if Heathrow''s sudden enthusiasm for all things "green" is connected with the third runway... PS I think it''s a Fly Clean and Quiet league table, not "quite"!

Vertical forests and air-filtering scarfs: Six of the best air quality innovations

Vertical forests are something I have been advocating for ages. Although London is actually a very green city when you see it from the air there are acres of space on rooftops, window ledges, balconies and car parks that can be made verdant. Not only do plants help filter the air they also help lower the ambient temperature making it feel more comfortable. It doesn''t have to be trees or shrubs but any green plant will do. Even a window box full of herbs or a bucket growing potatoes on a patio will make a little difference plus you have fresh herbs for salads as a bonus

National Clean Air Day: The toxic statistics behind the UK's air quality crisis

The most lethal air pollution is routinely discharged from all the UK Nuclear sites. This has been going on since 1965 when the first Magnox nuclear reactors became operational. The UK National Nuclear Policy acknowledged there would be ''public health detriment'' from exposure to poisonous nuclear radiation discharges but Chris Huhne announced that this was ''justified by the benefits of nuclear power''. Numerous published scientific evidence papers are available from the LLRC - Low Level Radiation Campaign, NFLA - Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Stop Hinkley, SW Against Nuclear. When will Public Health England comply with the 2012 Health and Social Care Act requirement to protect the public from exposure to nuclear radiation?

National Clean Air Day: The toxic statistics behind the UK's air quality crisis

Whilst health endangering pollution is cause for concern, surely the air quality in most cities in the UK must be the highest it has ever been since the industrial revolution. Whilst I agree we must strive for continual improvement, rather than constantly berate the authorities for lack of action, should we not occasionally reflect on what has been achieved?

National Clean Air Day: The toxic statistics behind the UK's air quality crisis

Having attended an expert forum as a pre-response to the Government consultative paper in Westminster yesterday it appears that the figures quoted by yourselves versus the figures suggested yesterday are quite different. I would like to understand the source of your data. Further, I have been working on a new innovation which is low cost and available now which mitigates Nox significantly. I am alarmed that the consultative paper does not consider the existence of innovation let alone allow for incentive to encourage this approach. Further, the paper really only tackles 30% of the sources of pollutants and therefore I am anticipating further delay in action as the high court is likely to act again (3rd time) due to the inadequacy of the proposed measures. I would welcome any combination of effort to address this.

Air filtering scarfs and AI cars: The best green innovations of CES 2017

Innovation?? I had a "smog mask" in the early 1950s London smog!!!! And those hydrogen fuel cells - where does the hydrogen originate, right at source; this is only half a story. Richard Phillips

Sustainable manufacturing roundtable: Turning challenges into opportunities

My concern is that there is only one woman in this group - albeit the chair! When there is at least 40% of both men and women, the best discussions take place. Of course the women must be experts in their own rights.

Can we get over our fear of second hand? - ING's Sustainability Blog

Interface unveils 'carbon-negative' carpet tile prototype

What material? BioPE?

Energy industry launches low-carbon innovation platform

Energy storage is another fairy tale with ever mounting costs at its end. All these wonderful ideas and suggestions are little more than Big Boy''s Toys, with households footing the bill, as ever! Will this nonsense never end??? Richard Phillips

DONG Energy turns to battery storage for Burbo Bank windfarm

It matters not one whit how "big and powerful" the wind turbine is, it is still entirely dependent upon local wind speed. During the 24/25th of last month, the output from 15,000MW of installed wind capacity, only some 300MW was being generated for some ten hours. The system was reduced to 2 or 3% of its advertised capability. Totally beyond any control. And always will be. The cost of backup is high, and getting higher for every megawatt installed. Only the developers are the winners. Richard Phillips

Michael Gove appointed Environment Secretary in cabinet reshuffle

Shopping centre owners launch innovation lab after closing in on CSR targets

Solar PV has some benefits - but next to nothing compared to some alternative uses for a rooftop. If there is a big enough local demand for herbs, salads and small fruit & veg a CloudGro system can deliver large quantities of CloudGrown produce direct from the roof and save 20x more energy from the supply chain than PV can generate. All heavily occupied buildings pay to dump CO2 and heat that current growers pay to create. A rooftop automated greenhouse can harvest the heat & CO2, avoid the need to dispose of huge quantities of transit only packaging and reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

Windy weather brings new renewable energy record

Yes, Ben, gridwatch.templar is excellent, the source of most of my data. Tidal power is very variable, even if it predictable. Generation is for only 14 out of 24 hours, it varies throughout the tidal cycle, and from neaps to springs. Having worked in nuclear power research for some 35 years, I favour that source for about 70% of our energy. Plant is now sufficiently flexible. For the rest; our own fracked gas and CCGT. I would let the renewable fairy tale just fade away! Richard

Windy weather brings new renewable energy record

The gas peaking plants that are now being installed are creating more pollution than the Combine Cycle Gas Turbine generators because of the slow response of the CCGT power plant. These peaking power gas turbines are 10min to full power output. This is required as the wind can stop blowing and the solar becomes overcast. The grid will become dirtier before it gets any cleaner because of the lack of instant response storage to take up the slack in the grid. You can track the UK generation output here More tidal is needed as it''s predictable unlike wind which will produce at best 20% of its rated output over a year at best and solar don''t work in the dark!

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