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Mercedes-Benz brings energy storage units to the UK

No cost mentioned, even a ball-park figure. Richard Phillips

Beware false sustainability solutions - The BITC blog

a great article, we spend Billions on Wind / Solar farms and new nuclear plants being built by china- all of which is funded by taxpayers in some way. Yet if we tackled waste full on, we could reduce our need for energy projects, our demands on agriculture and water. And it would create jobs here.

EV batteries and robotics first in line for BEIS ?1bn innovation fund

I agree with Richard P below. Batteries appear to have been chosen as the only option when I have a concept for a Hydrogen Rotary Engine-generator a Novel engine evaluated as "Plausible" by Southampton University and yet sidelined by the Advanced Propulsion Centre from their Accelerator Program. It is intended that the rotary engine will have On-demand fuel Production system on board the EV. No need for recharge point or Hydrogen fill points at major infrastructure costs. A static generator version will not need Wind or solar panels to power dual low-voltage circuits. 12 volt circuit Batteries will be charged by the generator or by connecting the car when parked.

Ministers under fire over bid to delay publication of air pollution plan

What an absolute load of rubbish, the department should have published the report in a timely manner. It is perfectly clear to any one involved in this area that the answer is simple, No1 priority, to enact a law that Auto Makers make Zero Emissions vehicles available to consumers at affordable prices within two years. "Zero emissions means for example there is no connection to energy created by the burning of Fossil Fuels." Battery EVs plugging into the Grid are not Zero emissions unless the electricity paid for is guaranteed from renewable generation. For any Auto maker whingeng that this is not possible, sorry you have had since 1993 when Shell published their Video telling everyone that Oil and Gas was a future problem and then like Tobacco and smokers promptly did nothing. Governments have gone along with this because it will cause upset to the motorists and haulage and transport sector in general. We cannot continue pussey footing around the problem for another 25 years, at some point Government has to call time. I have a Zero emissions concept and I have recently come to the decision based on the ignored emails, the answers which say " we are not going down that route" and being sidelined by the Advanced Propulsion Centre from their Technology Developers Accelerator Program. There is a major question from this; "The APC is tasked with the Government Policy of searching out Zero Emissions for the transport sector, when presented with a concept for a Hydrogen Rotary Engine-generator, previously evaluated by Southampton University that the Novel engine was "Plausible", signifying that HyPulJet.2.0 concept has exceptional potential to deliver Zero Emissions low cost EVs, Why has the APC not taken such a Golden opportunity and in fact sidelined such a project.????? " For instance, I am confident that HyPulJet.2.0 Hydrogen Rotary Engine-generator would be an easy replacement for the Petrol IC engine range extender generator in the New London Taxi Company e.Taxi. It could in all probability lower the price. It would be Zero emissions not plugging into the Grid with Natural Methane Gas as 45% of the mix. The type of vehicle at the moment which uses a petrol Range extender generator could all be Zero emissions and more than likely be retrofitted. BMW i3 and i8 GM Volt and the Nissan e.Note, Would people believe that these Auto makers have shown no interest in taking a look at the details so they have no idea that it will work or not. Sorry these companies do not deserve any more time to continue to pollute the atmosphere and injure peoples health. I have one possibly answer and they have ignored the potential. APC have ignored the potential Why?

EV batteries and robotics first in line for BEIS £1bn innovation fund

" 246m investment to help businesses seize the benefits of battery storage," Money up for grabs!!! And those batteries again. The storage is chemical, and heavy for a given charge, there is little room for reducing weight or volume. And all the polluting activities are in their manufacture, well out of sight. Cheap they will never be. Richard Phillips

Green Alliance: UK energy system unprepared for EV and solar growth

The need for renewables to replace fossil fuels to reduce global warming has been known for a very long time and it beggars belief that a country like the UK, with its excellent science and engineering core, has not moved towards energy storage and a smart grid before now, given that our existing grid was designed long ago, around central electricity generation, in the days when power production was in national hands as all strategic assets should be. Sadly we are now in the market led environment where profit, not national power security is king and we all know who introduced that nonsense. We are slowly picking up the impetus to correct this but we need strong, competent, central government leadership to make it happen - and soonest!!

Britain set for first coal-free day since the industrial revolution

Perhaps another word on biomass might be apposite. Wood, in the form of wood pellets, is the fuel used in the biomass furnaces at the converted section of the Drax power station. This power plant burns approximately 7,000,000 tonnes of wood pellets per year The major constituent of wood is cellulose, a carbohydrate, C6 H10 O5. The hydrogen and oxygen components of this material are, during combustion, emitted as water vapour, and contribute no heat to the process. Thus Drax emits some 3,000,000 tonnes of water per year from its furnaces. All the heat evolved from the combustion of wood is derived from the combustion of the carbon. However, the heat derived from the carbon combustion, in an "open-to-air" process, is depleted by the spontaneous heating of this water to 100oC, and its evaporation. Further heat is adsorbed by the heating of this water vapour to 190oC, the temperature of the flue gas. This is equivalent to the output of some 200 4MW wind turbines, off-shore. I fear that our electricity generation system is not all it might be. I would settle for nuclear, and natural gas, preferably from the UK. Richard Phillips

Britain set for first coal-free day since the industrial revolution

This is only a part of the picture, and depends upon a decision not to use coal in favour of another generator. Coal power will still be AVAILABLE. It is mandatory that all renewable generators are sources used as sources of priority; they have fist bite at the cherry, if they can be used they will be, above all other generation. This does not make them demand lead sources, indeed they never will be. They are "grab it if it available" sources, relying entirely upon fossil and nuclear generators to take up the duty when they are become incapable. And their times of impotence is totally out of human control. For ever. The greater the proportion of renewable energy available and obliged to be used as fist resort, the greater has to be the fossil or nuclear backup. This all makes our power expensive, and the poorest in out society pay the same proportion of their bill to support renewables as do the richer members with money-making solar panels on their roofs. Hardly social justice. But HMG do not understand this. Having a Cabinet without any member with scientific or engineering knowledge above A level at the very most, is no help to the dilemma in which we find ourselves. Mr Shatwell is quite correct in drawing attention to gas fired generation, at this moment 17.24GW, 46.7% 0f demand. Biomass is simply immoral and inefficient. Richard Phillips

Compost, degrade, recycle: the truth about plastic bags - Advancing the circular bioeconomy

Thank you for your clear explanation on this topic. Interesting to read there is no legal definition of biodegradable perhaps this is something that could be addressed during (and after) the current election?

Britain loves onshore wind, contrary to popular belief

In response to your article on the popularity of onshore windfarms. I think they are really great things to see, particularly against a blue sky and big white clouds .Modern ,clean, efficient silent, very safe, progressive ".The ideal power generator" They are ,after all ; only modern "windmills" they are silent, clean, efficient and they produce cheaper power.So what is there to object to? "Wild life" seem to like them (there are more birds around the local windfarm here than before and birds are not stupid, they don''t fly into winfarms they fly around them.). The last person i heard objecting to the local farm was an" incomer" to the area and misread the local feeling about the farm,she thought i was one of the owners of the farm simply because i said that i thought the farm a big plus for this run down coastal holiday area .and i thought it " a wonderful sight particularly up close. The same "objector" to this coastal windfarm parked her car and 5 dogs appeared ,non on a lead.the dogs proceeded to do their business on the carpark and then ran onto the beach to do the same there. Steve .24/4/2017.

Britain set for first coal-free day since the industrial revolution

While this is an important moment in our energy history it must be taken in context. Coal has been in the process of being phased out for some years but those coal fired stations that remain where still burning coal last Friday as they would have still been "ticking over". This week we will almost certainly have to rely on them for extra power generation as it is going to be cold. Also how much of Friday''s electricity needs were provided by gas? Still it is a start on reducing our reliance on solid carbon but we must not "dash for biomass" to replace it as wood pellets are not as "green" as they are made out to be as they still produce particulate matter.

Green Alliance: UK energy system unprepared for EV and solar growth

They fail to realize that the grid is design is for centralised power generation. The interconnection grid network isn''t designed for the maximum demand reverse flow of energy from battery EV cars or storage. The entire infrastructure will need to be revamped at the sub distribution level (interconnections at domestic/commercial connection levels). The same 6 cars charging in a close local area will have the same effect as powering the grid. The amount of copper within the infrastructure still wont support the reverse flow of energy. Smart meters will need to be incorporated into these EV cars to safely control the reverse flow of energy as the same issues exist regardless of energy direction to or from EV or batteries. This summer will see the lowest energy consumption in the UK, the grid is now offering incentives for users to draw more power so that the base load generation can still operate (gas coal nuke), 25% renewables currently could cause the grid to collapse from uncontrolled solar and wind energy production entering the grid.

Big businesses unite in Square Mile coffee cup recycling challenge

Interesting read, thanks for sharing.

Green Investment Bank sold to Macquarie in ?2.3bn deal

* Modelling of wind and pumped-storage power * Scotland Electricity Generation my plan for 2020

Green Investment Bank sold to Macquarie in ?2.3bn deal

Time to repeat my offer to serve as the Governor of a public-sector British Green Investment Bank to transition the country to 100% renewable energy - to be capitalised with an investment stream of 100 billion a year directly from the Bank of England, interest free and with no schedule for repayment of capital expected either. Scottish Scientist Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland * Double Tidal Lagoon Baseload Scheme * Off-Shore Electricity from Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Power * World s biggest-ever pumped-storage hydro-scheme, for Scotland? * Modelling of wind and pumped-storage po

Compost, degrade, recycle: the truth about plastic bags - Advancing the circular bioeconomy

Hi David Great reply article and brilliant factual information here too. I supply a compostable bag here in Ireland that is made with Natural Resins and Modified Pollyester. I have personally put these bags through an inhouse commercial composter and they ''Disappeared in 17 days''. Had the bags and food waste placed inside a nylon net bag so as to retreive and monitor the bags journey. The Green cornstarch variety only break down circa 50% in the same time frame with any undegraded material being landfilled with all other blow off materials at end of process. Our bag also takes 20kg + in weight and is heat resistant to 70'' + for commercial use. Denis Lawlor

Primary school teachers want to bring sustainability back to school

Hi, Please could you let me know the name of the report that this article references and/or where I could get hold of it. Many thanks

Compost, degrade, recycle: the truth about plastic bags - Advancing the circular bioeconomy

Great article and adds clarity! One question... What is the relevant standard and logo we should be looking for on compostable bags?

Compost, degrade, recycle: the truth about plastic bags - Advancing the circular bioeconomy

Great article and adds clarity! One question... What is the relevant standard and logo we should be looking for on compostable bags?

Electric vehicle energy storage provides 'perfect opportunity' for UK

V2G is a great concept, visioning low carbon energy infrastructure that we all contribute to. In the short term the most important reason for growing the EV sector is to decarbonise transport and reduce air pollution.

Compost, degrade, recycle: the truth about plastic bags - Advancing the circular bioeconomy

David, thanks for challenging our blog: have you anything more to add as our response will come shortly? Luke (Clear Public Space Ltd)

Christiana Figueres: Peak emissions by 2020 'crazy but achievable'

H.L.Mencken The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. Marie Curie Nothing in life is to be feared, it is to be understood Daniel J. Boorstin The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. Richard Phillips

Nottingham University's carbon-neutral laboratory receives highest green building accolades

Excess energy generated . . . this building is indeed special as it ignores the Law of Conservation of Energy - that you cannot create or destroy it, rather you convert it from one form to another!!

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