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Housebuilders 'cheating the public' over energy efficiency standards, claims Lord Deben

Why are new houses being built without smart meters installed?

Electric Lamborghinis and carbon-neutral eggs: the best green innovations of the week

Excelentes las Innovaciones a Favor del Planeta,la Sociedad y la Sustentabilidad

Housebuilders 'cheating the public' over energy efficiency standards, claims Lord Deben

A new Cebr report revealed net zero school buildings could save taxpayers 2.6bn a year.

Housebuilders 'cheating the public' over energy efficiency standards, claims Lord Deben

I have had some experience with new builds and this pretty well confirms what I have seen

Housebuilders 'cheating the public' over energy efficiency standards, claims Lord Deben

Good article. It is about time we had more awareness of this scandalous waste which hits family budgets hard. Perhaps we can see more information on the new zero carbon build designs such as PassivPod which give householders a 90% reduction in energy costs

Kellogg's commits to 100% renewable electricity

This is far too late, given Kellog''s massive resources they should be achieving this much sooner, after all their products are hardly essential.

Dutch zero-emission trains to combine biofuel with battery storage

Oh Dear; hydrotreated, surely that means contacted with water!!!!!! What happened to the correct term HYDROGENATED, used by any self respecting chemist, but I forget, we live in a commercial media world. And what is the original power source of these clean trains??? Richard Phillips

Balancing act: Storage and flexible energy vital to UK’s renewables tipping point

A glimmer of hope that the non-demandable nature of renewables necessitates a large backup from reliable sources, and good to see that vast battery installations are unreal. Nuclear is not just base load, it has become much more flexible, and will develop along these lines. Fast reactors, killed by Mrs T in 1989, will eventually emerge, but this awaits scientific understanding in political circles, pretty well totally absent at the moment. Those interconnectors; is it supposed that if we need more power, those at the other end will not need it too? Forget smart meters, they just cost the consumer, and place more power in the hands of the supplier. Richard Phillips

UK Government provides £62m to combat deforestation in Latin America

" by promoting sustainable new business models and sourcing practices". Administrative measures; funding active policing might be more to the point. As would some action to prevent wholesale forest clearance in the southern USA, in order to provide wood pellets for Drax; all well documented and photographed. In Wales millions of trees have been felled in order to provide clear wind channels for wind turbines. Blind are they who have eyes and see not. Richard Phillips

Dutch zero-emission trains to combine biofuel with battery storage

This is fake news. About 99,9% of Dutch train passengers travel with electrically powered trains. And the Dutch railroad has a Power Purchase agreement with a large Dutch wind farm. So, they now advertise with Zero Emission Travelling. This new train is for the last few tracks that are not electrified, in the less densely parts of the Netherlands.

Reports: Chancellor to raise diesel taxes in Autumn Budget

Many cities in the UK are choking from diesel fumes. In London, a walk along a busy road feels dreadfully harmful. All the buses, the taxis, trains in and out of stations the delivery vans, ice cream vendors and construction lorries are all spewing out diesel particulates. It is simply not a fuel for urban areas, and causes many illnesses not just of the lungs and heart. Recent research has linked particulates from diesel vehicles as being a contributing factor for diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis.

UK Government backs 'virtual power plant' platform and robotics research

"As part of the Government s commitment to energy innovation, it unveiled an 84m fund for artificial intelligence and robotics on Thursday (9 November). The fund is aimed at boosting energy innovation while improving the safety and production of nuclear and offshore energy." The only way to improve the safety and production of nuclear power is to enforce the 2012 Health and Social Care Act requirement to protect the public from exposure to nuclear radiation. This means ruling out any new nuclear build and enforcing a zero emissions condition on all nuclear waste and decommissioning contracts.

ESOS across Europe: ensure compliance for multinational companies - The Carbon Smart blog

Hi I work for a global company and am based in the UK. I have implemented ISO 50001 Energy Management System for our London office to ensure compliance to ESOS Phase 1. As we have offices in Europe I would like to source more information of the requirements of the legislation in these countries. Thank you

Government faces fresh air quality legal case

When will regulators enforce the 2012 Health and Social Care Act requirement to protect the public from exposure to nuclear radiation? Are they monitoring the air pollution routinely discharged from nuclear power sites? Are they commissioning the Bristol University AARM drone mounted device which monitors nuclear radiation air pollution?

Government faces fresh air quality legal case

How business can help halt the rise in global emissions - The npower Business Solutions blog

Looking beyond company gates, is clear both that globally emissions are going up and we are in an ecological emergency now. To have any hope of preventing runaway climate change we (humanity) must change all the drivers that make global warming worse − things like devotion to economic growth, excess consumption, fossil fuels, deforestation and industrial agriculture. Big stuff! We are talking about a whole system change to a life-affirming global culture, rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction. For this to occur critical mass of the general public was ardently desire. Therefore the challenge for individuals, businesses, and NGOs that care about this is to communicate with our friends, business associates and the wider public about the need for transformative change, and how they can contribute to it within their sphere of influence. The Great Transition Initiative ( is a platform to support such communication. We have ready to use communication tools including sample emails, guerrilla marketing tactics and Kitchen Table Conversations. We have a small international network, the most prominent of which is Paul Ehrlich (The Population Bomb). I invite you to critically review our approach. And if it makes sense to you, get on with communicating through your own initiative. There is nothing to join. Andrew Gaines Accelerating the Great Transition to a life-sustaining society!

BT sets 87% carbon reduction target to help meet Paris Agreement goals

One easy win for BT would be to encourage customers to switch off their hubs when not using the internet. At present the installers say this cannot be done without damage. I have been switching off the office and home hubs when the internet is not needed without any problems for over five years now. There are many millions of such connections, and whilst each is small in total this is a large amount of carbon emissions. A quick, rough, estimate suggests c.1.7 GWh pa could be saved through this easy measure, or some - approaching one million tpa CO2e- depending on year of assessment.

Carbon price among policy wishlist issued by businesses at COP23

Best practices to reduce CO2 emission are great, AND they should be made mandatory for businesses. Office buildings should be made climate neutral, with solar panels, shared wind farms and local heat storage. All company cars that can, should be electric, powered by renewable power, without subsidy. All large emitters, fossil power plants, factories for steel, cement and fertilizer, and oil refineries, should apply CCS2 mandatory. Or pay at least 100 EUR per ton of their CO2 emission, caused anywhere in the world. This includes road, air and sea traffic. Let the CO23 principle be: a level playing field for businesses, by obeying rules that apply for everyone. Consumers are also voters in most countries, they are seduced by products, that give an advantage when bought an used. As Europa wants, give every citizen the right to generate their own renewable power, with the grid as a shared resource, to balance power generated with power used, and climate neutral power plants as backup. Coal is not the problem for the climate, CO2 is. Fighting climate change is VERY URGENT, we cannot wait until renewables have replaced fossil fuel. And by making CCS2 mandatory for all fossil power plants, their power will become more expensive than renewable power, which promotes renewables and also causes not more fossil fuel to be burned than really necessary

Coca-Cola bolsters sustainability targets for Western Europe

Tough targets guys, wow; how will your competitors keep up? (sarcastic voice)

Car giants launch pan-European electric vehicle charging venture

Does Whitehall realise there are transport requirements outside of London too?

Automotive giants team-up to create Europe's 'highest-powered' EV charging network

Really, long distance driving is NOT what EV is about. Thats the daily commute. The regular low current home grid connection is enough. But it needs a smart charger that adapts to the local grid "unused" space. The rel new is that local grid operators digitally publish, in real time, how much empty space is available, so smart chargers at home can use that grid space, all together. And we don''t want a ugly steel pole at every home, but a unobstructive wireless charging point where users just park their EV. No pole and cable to demolish, no pole and cable that blocks people walking there.

The Problem with Solar (and other Renewables) - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Jon - that is true and I do agree that every kWh we can generate without burning matter is a good thing but at the end of the day if it isn''t financially viable for me to install solar panels on my roof or fit an alternative heat source then I am sorry but I''m not going to waste my hard earned money. I can reduce my carbon footprint more effectively by simply switching off lights, which also saves me money, or investing in newer more energy efficient appliances.

The Problem with Solar (and other Renewables) - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Yes but you omit the carbon savings from your musings. Every kWh of solar generated reduces that generated from gas (and coal , but that is almost zero now anyway because of renewables). There are more important things than money like the future wellbeing of our children and grandchildren.

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