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January 2009

Volvo has developed a greener engine for its truck range, which will improve air quality by reducing particulates and smoke
Technology is really stepping up to the plate in the drive to make homes more sustainable - from the foundations up to the roof. Kevin Stanley takes us on a tour of cutting-edge products, available in the UK right now, that do their bit to mitigate climate change
Retail giant B&Q is no slouch on sustainability. But, in 2008, it brought in some impressively stringent self-imposed guidelines - in the form of the One Planet Living initiative - which it hopes will benefit its bottom line as well as the environment, writes Duncan Brown
» Scottish plant plugs glass gap
» Linking MBT with AD for greater flexibility
» Environment Agency issues new gypsum waste guidance
» The course to Copenhagen
» Don't stint on service
» True cost of community infrastructure levy
» Glimpse into future of flooding

January 2008

Water companies are looking forward this month to publication of a new national water strategy. Barrie Clarke outlines the benefits of a pathway that tries to involve people and organisations rather than pursue individual economic or environmental goals
The legal implications of burying waste on top of sealed landfill sites have been considered by the British courts.
Cured-in-place pipe lining is no longer unusual, but employing the technique in the remediation of a pressurised main posed some interesting challenges, writes Nick Sheehan, engineering director of Perco
» Giving old vehicles a new licence to thrill
» Every pound counts
» Remote profibus saves time and money
» Medical equipment gets thorough physical
» Sustainable solution reaps what it sows
» A safer tomorrow begins today
» Dosing plant leads the pack

January 2005

Black & Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at the resurgence of ceramic membranes
AWWA's new president Kathryn McCain calls on US water companies to be vigilantIn an exclusive to World Water, Kathryn L McCain, the American Water Works Association's first female president, explains why US water utilities are investing heavily in security.
One Day Course For Geologists, Engineers And Environmental Professionals
» All sectors need a water strategy
» The Environment Agency recruitment practice outlined
» Wireless fleet management provides industry's 'eyes and ears'
» Design for sustainability
» US wades into Iraqi water
» WTP first for the Philippines
» NSCA provides guidance on development control

January 2000

Whilst environmental liabilities shot up the corporate agenda during the 1990s, some progressive insurers were, at the same time, developing some equally progressive solutions. Neil Davis, AIG Europe, explains.
Keith Harries, principal hydrogeologist at Halcrow Water, looks at the relative effects of agriculture and wastewater disposal on nitrates in groundwater on the Caribbean island of Barbados.
Nuisance is a high profile issue for the general public, in all its manifestations - from noisy neighbours to malodorous processes and infestations by vermin and pests - where local authorities, and in particular environmental health officers, take the front line role in prevention and regul
» Aquifer storage recovery
» Ozone counters Cryptosporidium in Milwaukee
» Remediation recycles CO2
» Hydrogen peroxide could power fuel cell
» Boosting supply for Bangalore
» Heavy metal, soft rock
» SPC systems help tanneries meet consents