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January 2009

A facility that cleans hazardous glass from old TVs and computer monitors making it fit for reuse has opened to fill a gap in the WEEE market. Dean Stiles reports
Volvo has developed a greener engine for its truck range, which will improve air quality by reducing particulates and smoke
Developments in biogas utilisation mean that the combination of MBT with anaerobic digestion offers a flexible and efficient solution when treating residual waste. Alex Marshall explains
» The course to Copenhagen
» Products of the times
» Glimpse into future of flooding
» True cost of community infrastructure levy
» Eversheds comments on carbon trading
» Planetary ambition
» Time for Ireland to take target with MBT

January 2008

Water companies are looking forward this month to publication of a new national water strategy. Barrie Clarke outlines the benefits of a pathway that tries to involve people and organisations rather than pursue individual economic or environmental goals
Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month regulations allow for stamp duty relief for carbon neutral homes and the p
More oil finds its way into oceans from spills into drains than tanker leaks. Specifying the correct separator for a site's risk level can prevent spills ending up in the watercourse - and ensure compliance with new legislation, writes Andy Thompson.
» Maintenance prevents business from spinning out of control
» Anaerobic digestion: is it right for you?
» Romanian remediation requires best of both worlds
» Giving old vehicles a new licence to thrill
» Getting commitment on carbon
» Carbon accounting: The new bottom line
» British courts consider piggyback landfilling

January 2005

Daniel Zimmer, Executive Director, World Water Council
Aerial photography, allied to IT data systems, offers a new perspective on the surveying and management of a wide range of land and conservation operations. In a recent development aerial photography company BlueSky has created a digital photo-map of a large area of the Norfolk Broads on behalf of
Following the success and overwhelming response of edie.net and Environment Business magazine's 2004 survey of environmental consultants, we thought we would re-visit the results to bring you details of the sort of salary environmental consultants can expect.
» Satellites aid African aquifer management
» Sulo container & ID system aid Belfast's recycling drive
» Technically Speaking
» WTP first for the Philippines
» The year ahead
» Ozone success at Tampa Bay
» Waste management gets sophisticated with IT

January 2000

Liquid oxygen tanks at Milwaukee's Linnwood WTWThe US city of Milwaukee has used ozonation to tackle a serious Crypto problem and ended up with safe, economical drinking water for its citizens. Robert Hulsey, process engineer, Black & Veatch, Dan McCarthy, senior vice president and project manager, Black & Veatch, and Carrie Lewis, superi
Whilst environmental liabilities shot up the corporate agenda during the 1990s, some progressive insurers were, at the same time, developing some equally progressive solutions. Neil Davis, AIG Europe, explains.
Plant juices & animal proteins can lead to high oxygen demand and smelly effluentsThe task of the environmental manager in the food industry is heavily garnished with issues fundamentally commercial in nature, and which bite if mismanaged. Richard Poynton, founding director of specialist environmental consultancy Business Benefits Ltd, samples environmental liability in the
» Tracking nitrates
» Aquifer storage recovery
» Hydrogen peroxide could power fuel cell
» DETR lends an ear to noise nuisance
» Remediation recycles CO2
» Heavy metal, soft rock
» SPC systems help tanneries meet consents