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August 2001

The means to the end

Over four days in July. 178 countries concluded a compromise to ensure a continuing of international efforts to address climate change. At the same time, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published Climate Change 2001, a 2,600-page, three volume tome detailing the evidence for cli

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Rehabilitation requires mixed approach

Open trench method unfeasible if the effects on traffic are too great

Geography, population density and a tight footprint all pose serious challenges when choosing the best technique for upgrading Hong Kong's water mains, reports KL Wong, Technical Director of Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd.

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Water and wastewater treatment: on your marks, get set . . .

The ongoing pursuit of reducing running costs and guaranteeing an optimal quality/quantity ratio has led industrial end-users to increase installations of technologically-advanced equipment for the treatment of water utilised in on-site processes.

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· Hoping for measured change

· Technically speaking

· Conserving water value for the long term

· The rough and the smooth

· Wasteland reclaimed as canalboat marina

· Article Title

· Is insurance the solution to the brown field dilemma?

August 2000

Industry trains its sights on the future

The established professional bodies and industrial associations in the waste sector provide a constantly developing range of training and educational services to respond to the increasing pace of change in this area.

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ESA aims to improve operations through training

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) has as one of its key objectives the improvement of operational standards by providing a comprehensive, practical and value-for-money range of training courses covering legal and technical issues.

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Survey tracks trends in recycling

The latest in LAWE's series of Tracking Trends supplements examines the key issues of waste minimisation and recycling raised by the publication of the Government's Waste Strategy for England and Wales. The move to meet tough waste reduction and recycling targets set by Environment Minister Michael

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· Waste industry set for change

· Major group sets up training college

· Pollution failures mar improving record

· Ebb and flow

· Initiative on show at Paignton parade

· Metering out?

· Industry raises alarm over packaging recovery targets

August 1997

August 1992