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November 2001

Enhanced thermal conduction remediates petroleum hydrocarbon pollution

Soil remediation at a former industrial site undertaken by Campbell Reith Hill (CRH), consulting environmental engineer, and MEL Ltd, remediation contractor, have utilised a new technique, not previously used in the UK, called Enhanced Thermal Conduction (ETC).

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Company car fleets: setting sail for a low cost and low carbon future

In an attempt to counter the fact that in 6,000 miles a conventional car produces roughly its own weight in carbon dioxide, a new climate-friendly company car tax regime based on carbon dioxide emissions is being introduced to the UK by the Inland Revenue on 6 April 2002. How

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Technically speaking

Binnie Black and Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at biological aerated filters

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· Mercury rising

· Site remediation paves the way for London Dockland homes

· Guidance aids local authorities to meet their contaminated land responsibilities

· Microwave-induced aluminium recovery

· Sand, gravel and rock, with some exceptions...

· Looking after the grey matter

· Pyrolysis turns scrap tyres into oil and gas

November 2000

Plug leaks, not reservoirs

Ofwat would prefer water companies to reduce leakage before building new reservoirs. But what is an acceptable level of leakage?

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North Wales project saves £5m per year

North Wales Waste Network (NWWN), a two-year project dedicated to the provision of advice and guidance on waste reduction at source for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), came to an end in June this year. Savings of £1,255,000 per year have been identified for 40 participating businesses, wit

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Agency researches risk to groundwater through water run-off from cemetaries

The siting of cemeteries, and their potential risk to groundwater, is a sensitive local planning issue that can cause a great deal of public concern. Whether this concern is warranted has been difficult to ascertain since the evidence that exists is somewhat patchy. In order to guide Environment A

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· Soil homogenising optimises bioremediation decontamination

· Fuel of the future

· Is the industry taking liberties?

· In-situ bioremediation meets fast-track construction goal

· Getting there

· No min no fee

· Oil from old tyres...

November 1997

November 1992