We know the sustainable future we want to achieve. But how are we going to achieve that future?

Mission Possible is edie’s award-winning*, purpose-driven campaign which inspires and empowers businesses to ramp up efforts across all areas of sustainable development. Through this campaign, we are showing our network of sustainability professionals and energy managers how they can achieve a sustainable future, today.

Mission Possible provides this unique insight and inspiration through the lens of five interconnected pillars related to the future of sustainable business: Energy, Resources, Mobility, The Built Environment, and Business Leadership. Across all of these pillars, we are witnessing unprecedented change. Mission Possible will chart the sustainability progress being made by businesses across the globe and inspire and empower other businesses to take new actions to drive that change themselves.

The Mission Possible campaign is being delivered through a variety of digital and face-to-face formats:

  • The annual Mission Possible report showcases world-leading and potentially game-changing examples of sustainability in action
  • An ongoing series of themed sector insight reports explores what role sustainability and energy professionals within the UK’s largest industries can play in achieving Mission Possible for their businesses
  • The Mission Possible Pledge Wall is encouraging businesses of all sizes and sectors to be bold and make new commitments to achieve a sustainable future.
  • Mission Possible is an official partner of the UK Government’s Green GB & NI Week
  • Mission Possible is a key content theme of edie’s flagship exhibition, Net Zero Live, taking place on 19-20 May 2020


* edie’s Mission Possible campaign received ‘Highly Commended’ recognition at the PPA Awards 2019