Free business guide to installing onsite commercial solar

Last updated: 11th August 2023

In partnership with edie, Centrica Business Solutions has published a new guide to commercial solar that explores the steps to generating your own renewable power supply.

The new report ‘Onsite Solar for Business’ explains all the key essentials of installing solar panels at your site. 

Writing for the report, Graham Phillips, Head of Solar Sales for Centrica Business Solutions, explores the economic and environmental benefits of switching to solar power. You can read his viewpoint below:

Many organisations across all sectors are now investing in solar to tackle high and unpredictable energy costs, while also advancing their net zero goals.

Here’s 5 reasons why commercial solar power makes sense for businesses and public bodies:

1.    Fast-track your net zero goals & improve your brand reputation

Solar is a 100% renewable source of energy, with no direct greenhouse gas emissions. Typically, organisations can offset power they purchase from the grid by up to 50%. It’s a fast and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and accelerate your transition to net zero.

Installing solar panels is a highly visible statement that you care about the environment.

Your customers, employees and other stakeholders will value your Corporate Social responsibility and are more likely to want to associate with you.

2.    Reduce your energy costs

Shrink your power bills by as much as 30% by generating renewable Solar PV at your facility. Of course, the bigger your onsite solar array – the higher the potential savings. Our latest Economics of Solar guide highlights the potential savings you could make by investing in commercial solar power.

Linking solar with battery storage can deliver even greater cost and carbon reduction by maximising solar utilisation and optimising energy use via peak power avoidance and Demand Side Response strategies – to unlock flexibility revenues. 

3.    Protect your business from market uncertainty & risk

Considering that solar PV systems have a 25+ year lifespan and are easy to maintain and operate, you can lock in to long term energy cost savings at a secure and predictable rate. By protecting your business from continued market volatility, you can future-proof your sustainable energy needs.

Where customers use our comprehensive Operations & Maintenance package, typical system availability is over 99% – helping to ensure the reliability of the on-site energy generation

4.     Exploit unused space to maximise your estate

With roof or ground-mount solar, you can turn unused space into an energy-generating asset, without the need to expand your site. This can also supply future renewable power needs, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure and electric heat pumps, in place of gas heating systems.

5.    Install solar without raiding your own capital

Commercial solar’s fast payback makes it a sound business investment. But if finances are stretched, zero CAPEX options, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), are available.

Our PPAs cover all costs, including lifetime operations and maintenance. You repay our investment by purchasing the electricity your system generates (usually at a lower cost than grid supplies). You could also have the option to purchase the solar array during your PPA contract.

Partner with us to go solar

We’ve installed more than 1,000 bespoke commercial solar projects – helping industrial, commercial and public sector organisations, such as the British Army, Affinity Water and Toyota, to balance their environmental and economic goals. From design and installation – to lifetime operations and maintenance – we can support you every step of the way.

Download the edie Business Guide to Onsite Solar

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