The Net Zero Business Podcast: Inside Ella’s Kitchen’s climate action plans

In response to the accelerated pace at which businesses are examining and setting net-zero targets to help alleviate the climate crisis, edie has launched a spin-off of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast. Up next, we speak to Ella's Kitchen chief executive Mark Cuddigan.

The Net Zero Business Podcast: Inside Ella’s Kitchen’s climate action plans

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Following on from the UK Government’s world-leading net-zero carbon commitment, edie’s new spinoff podcast series, Net-Zero Business, hears from the trendsetters and trailblazers of responsible businesses.

Since the UK Government set it’s 2050 net-zero target into law, more and more businesses are attempting to get ahead of the political curve by strengthening carbon and energy strategies and pledging to become net-zero businesses well before the 2050 deadline.

The Net-Zero Business podcast is a monthly digest of shorter episodes, each featuring an in-depth interview with a sustainability lead at a business that has set a net-zero target recently. 

In the latest episode, edie’s senior reporter Sarah George dials the chief executive of baby and toddler food brand Ella’s Kitchen, Mark Cuddigan. 

Ella’s Kitchen announced in late 2019 that it will strive to become a net-zero business by 2030. More than a year on, Cuddigan provides insight as to how the target was developed and how the business will need to evolve to meet this ambition. He also discusses how B Lab is bringing together certified B Corps like Ella’s to collaborate in solving key net-zero challenges. 

In this episode, Sarah makes reference to two upcoming online events from edie, both on topics that will be crucial to the net-zero transition. 

For more information on the 45-Minute Energy Efficiency Masterclass on March 10, click here. 

For more information about the Circular Economy Inspiration Sessions on March 25, click here.

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