Odour Treatment and Monitoring

Although intended to help protect the environment, pumping, water purification and sludge treatment stations can themselves be a source of visual, auditory or olfactory pollution, particularly when they are located in towns, residential areas or tourist destinations. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies helps municipal clients respond to odour concerns and control wastewater odours at and around treatment plants.

Odour Treatment and Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring

The "electronic nose network", OdoWatch®, continuously merges odour data with incoming weather data to display odour plumes on an on-screen map of the site and its surroundings. The system identifies main odour sources and can distinguish between site-generated odours and those originating from other sources.

With weather forecast data, OdoWatch® can project odour impact up to 24 hours beforehand, enabling the operator to take appropriate steps to prevent the predicted impact.

Process Solutions


Aquilair is a physical and chemical deodorisation process in which gaseous molecules are transformed to a liquid phase.


Alizair is a "green," biological odour removal system that uses bio-filtration to oxidize odourising molecules in a liquid medium.

These methods are incorporated during the design stage for new installations but can also easily be added to existing plants.

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