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The new array will harness a fraction of the estimated 29 terawatt hours (TWh) of potential energy per year that could be sourced from tidal currents off the UK coast

World's first grid-connected tidal array deployed in the Shetlands

Scotland's efforts to become a fully-renewable nation received another boost this month, after a tidal array off the coast of the Shetlands Islands became the world's first to connect to the grid.

Equitix plans to acquire at least 25% of each “project vehicle” Atlantis develops for tidal power initiatives in Scotland

World's largest tidal stream project receives £100m investment boost

Infrastructure investor Equitix will allocate more than £100m to Scottish tidal power, after entering into a partnership agreement with leading developer Atlantis to aid the development of the world's largest tidal stream project.

An artists' impression of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project, which has been planned for the eastern side of Swansea Bay

Ecotricity to compete for UK's first tidal project

Ecotricity will compete to build Britain's first tidal lagoon site ahead of the Government's independent review of tidal energy in the spring.

Scottish Renewables says the right targeting of existing innovation funds could cement the UK's world-leading position on energy generation

Six renewable energy innovations primed for Government's £500m nest egg

The Government's £500m of allocated funds for green innovation could propel the UK into being a world-leader in energy generation, if the money is spent in key areas such as wave and tidal energy, low-carbon heat and energy storage.

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project is planned for the eastern side of Swansea Bay, between the docks and a new university campus

Government to review future of tidal lagoon power

The Government will launch an independent review this spring into the feasibility of tidal lagoon energy in the UK.

Successful project were deemed to have been improvements on current concepts, or new technologies all together

Scottish wave energy projects receive Government funding

The Scottish Government initiative Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has announced the eight successful applicants that will share a £2.5m fund to advance their technologies in the build up to commercialisation.

The tidal research aims study problems of ocean turbulence

British and Canadian firms join forces for tidal energy research

Five British firms have received grant funding from Innovate UK to develop tidal energy with Canadian businesses and universities.

The tidal fence would be built in the Bristol Channel at the mouth of the River Severn

Tidal energy 'fence' planned for Bristol Channel

A second tidal energy scheme could be coming to the Severn estuary as plans have been unveiled for a 30MW tidal energy fence to be constructed in the Bristol Channel.

Artists impression of the Wyre Tidal Barrage

£200m Lancashire tidal power project gathers momentum

A £200m tidal energy project in Lancashire is going ahead after the developers obtained rights to use the land.

The tidal lagoon will be situated on the eastern side of Swansea Bay, between the docks and the new university campus

Swansea Bay tidal power plant approved by DECC

It's official: Britain will be home to the world's first ever tidal lagoon energy project as Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has granted planning permission for a giant tidal power plant off the coast of Wales.

The 10 MW array is expected to be operational by 2019, when it will supply enough electricity for 8,000 households.

£25m marine power plant launched in Wales

Swedish company Minesto has been awarded a £9.5m EU grant to set up a marine power plant in North Wales.

Amber Rudd replaces Ed Davey as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change under the new Tory Government

Rudd receives warm welcome from green groups

Amber Rudd's appointment as the UK's new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change is a "hopeful sign" that the new Tory Government is committed to accelerating the nation's transition to a low-carbon economy.

Government policy was also singled out by a fifth of respondents as being the biggest challenge to the burgeoning industry

Offshore renewables: Political uncertainty jeopardises UK's global lead

The UK offshore renewable sector is at risk of losing its leading global position due to a lack of funding and Government policy, a new survey of industry experts has revealed.

Tidal Lagoon Power expects to submit a full planning application for Tidal Lagoon Cardiff in 2017

Plans unveiled for Cardiff's 2.8GW tidal lagoon power plant

Tidal Lagoon Power has submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment scoping report for the Cardiff Tidal Lagoon, which would have a capacity of 1.8GW to 2.8GW.

It is impossible to secure the level of private funding required for pilot projects to demonstrate the potential of large scale projects to investors.

Marine energy: Reports call for new approach to funding

Two new reports into the wave and tidal energy sectors have concluded that a unified vision and sustained financial support is needed by UK governments in order to develop fully-commercialised industries.

Marine energy holds huge potential to provide the UK with a clean and secure source of electricity

Carbon Trust continues marine energy investment drive with yield optimisation partnership

The Carbon Trust is working with consultancy firm Frazer-Nash to gain a better understanding of energy yield and uncertainty assessment across the wave and tidal energy industries in a bid to drive investment.

Tidal power uses the movement of the tides to slowly rotate a turbine which activates a generator to produce electricity

Cameron backs 'world-leading' tidal power plan

The Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed his support for a proposed tidal energy project off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

ERA-NET is providing a €7m funding pot to contribute to the advancement of ocean renewables

Scottish Enterprise invests in marine energy research

Investment agency Scottish Enterprise will contribute £450,000 towards the first joint call of the Ocean Energy European Research Area Network (ERA-NET), Energy Minister Fergus Ewing will announce today.

Scottish Renewables' five-point plan explains how UK policy-makers should deal with Scotland's post-referendum energy sector

Scotland demands more strategic UK energy policy in wake of no-vote

Scottish Renewables has set out the nation's renewable energy industry's asks ahead of devolution discussions, in a report entitled 'Harnessing Scotland's Energy'.

The MeyGen project will have the potential to provide clean, sustainable, predictable power for 175,000 homes in Scotland

Scotland set for giant tidal stream development

The world's largest tidal stream array, which is set to be built in North Scotland, has agreed terms for a funding package to kick start the construction of the 398MW project.

The 400kW DeltaStream device is being unveiled by the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, in Pembroke Port today (7 August)

Ground-breaking tidal energy generator launched in Wales

Wales' first full-scale tidal energy generator is being unveiled today (7 August) in Pembrokeshire ahead of its installation in Welsh waters.

The completion of the UK's first wave or tidal stream energy array will mark a major milestone for the industry

Crown Estate unlocks wave and tidal energy opportunities

The Crown Estate, manager of the UK seabed, has confirmed leasing agreements for 11 new wave and tidal energy sites across Scotland, England and Wales.

The GSI says the UK has just over five years before completely running out of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels report sparks calls for more home-grown energy

The UK will have run out of oil, coal and gas in just over five years' time, scientists have warned.

If given the go-ahead, construction of the Swansea Bay lagoon will begin in the first half of 2015, with first power being generated in 2018.

Plans for world's first tidal power plant 'first step' to supplying 10% of UK's electricity

Plans for the world's first tidal lagoon power plant have been submitted to planning inspectors today - a first step that could see 10% of the UK's domestic electricity coming from tidal by 2023, according to the designers.

New tidal energy platform to cut project costs and risks

A new 'platform' has been designed to significantly cut the cost and risks of tidal energy projects and could help boost industry investment.

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