Biogas Desulphurisation

SulfaTreat is ideal for removing H2S in gas streams from anaerobic digesters or landfill sites. It will also prevent the formation of sulphur dioxide in flue gases. Final polishing after bioscrubbers is another important use.

Biogas Desulphurisation

SulfaTreat Media
- Iron oxides which convert to 'fools gold'
- High % take up by weight for H2S
- Non flammable media, very important
- Water will not leach out chemicals
- Some oxygen required for optimum performance
- Very dense, so high take up by volume
- Low pressure drop

System Design
- Stand alone vessel provide minimum capital cost
- Lead/lag vessels provides maximum economy
- Final polishing after bioscrubber
- Standby when biological systems not performing

- Ideal for unmanned sites
- Very limited maintenance required
- Specified performance immediately on start up
- Indefinite media life in standby mode
- No limit on inlet challenge
- Immediate response to large changes in flow
- Less than 1ppm outlet against any challenge
- Accurate life prediction possible

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