Bubbles trouble for aggressive constituents

Fine bubble diffusers are often used in the activated sludge process for the secondary treatment of wastewater, with ceramic diffusers being particularly suited for some of the aggressive constituents of industrial wastewater.

With this in mind, ceramic porous products manufacturer Fairey Industrial Ceramics has developed a new improved ceramic 7″ dome diffuser. The dome has been developed to fit on to standard 7″ uPVC baseplates/saddles and is primarily aimed at the dome retrofit market.

Oxygen transfer

Dome development has concentrated on achieving a product with a much more uniform bubble release than other domes on the market, thus achieving a better oxygen transfer efficiency and reducing the potential for Bio-fouling.

Recent independent SOTE testing by Thames Waters Process Dynamics group has shown the new FICL Ceramic Dome to achieve a clean water SOTE of 6.5%/m @ 2.0 nm/hr, compared to other dome diffusers tested under identical test conditions which achieved 6.0%/m (HDPE) and 6.2%/m (competitor Ceramic) respectively.

In addition to its use in wastewater treatment applications, a finer grade dome has been developed for clean water applications such as ozonation.

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