How Fairy campaigns are helping inspire more sustainable habits

Oya Ongor, Senior Vice President, Procter & Gamble Home Care brands Europe explains more about Fairy’s vision to help reduce people’s dishwashing carbon footprint through improving product performance in cooler water & shorter dishwashing cycles.

How Fairy campaigns are helping inspire more sustainable habits

Fairy recently announced its updated product Life cycle analysis (LCA) alongside intention to drive more sustainable dishwashing habits, with the potential to save over 3.5 million tonnes of Co2 in a year across Europe.

Tell us about Fairy’s latest campaigns

This year, we launched two campaigns, “Wash Cooler” and “Switch to short”, to inspire Fairy users to put our products to the test in more challenging washing conditions which are less energy consumptive.

We analysed our products’ LCAs – these are based on hours of research and are verified by independent third parties to establish the environmental impact of Fairy’s hand and dishwasher detergents across their lifecycle. The LCA is a key tool to help us identify areas where we can innovate to help find more sustainable solutions. This shows us that a move to cooler water for handwashing or a move from normal to shorter dishwasher cycles has the potential to cut carbon footprint of dishwashing by up to 60% (for hand dishwashing) and 33% (when using a dishwasher) by reducing the energy used to heat water.

Why is this important for Fairy?

Sustainability is embedded into every one of our innovations. It is important for everything we stand for at Fairy, for our consumers and for our environment. It is a key strategy for us as we strive to continue to offer families good value for money whilst providing the level of clean they would expect from us. We believe that we can help create sustainable habits in homes by delivering on the consumer demand for performance. That’s what we hope to do with our current campaigns.

How have Fairy users responded so far?

We are delighted with the results so far. In the UK, for example, we’re seeing very early results that Fairy users who have been exposed to our Wash Cooler campaign are already dropping their water temperature and are adopting the habit.

What does the future look like for Fairy?

We continue to focus on our innovation pipeline to provide our users with products they love to use, that consistently perform at the level of quality our consumers expect from us and allow them to try and adopt more sustainable dishwashing solutions. Beyond innovating to meet consumers’ needs when using our products, we are also innovating, testing and learning across our packaging, ingredients, manufacturing, production and supply chains, as part of our efforts to evaluate and improve our overall LCAs. For example, we recently launched in different European countries a Fairy Liquid in a new carton refill pack, and our Platinum Plus dishwasher tablets in a recyclable paper bag.

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