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May 1999

Virtual visualisation of the Thames

Virtual reality is being used to visualise the tidal hydraulics of the Thames Estuary and as a future prediction tool explains Maggie Templeman of Superscape.

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Water treatment for British Sugar CHP plant

ACWa Services has received a turnkey contract to design, manufacture, install and commission a water treatment plant to provide ultra pure water for British Sugar's new combined heat and power plant in Bury St Edmunds ­ requiring a combination of pretreatment, reverse osmosis and mixed bed

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Wheal Jane minewater - the long term solution

Pollution from the tin mine Wheal Jane to the River Carnon, West Cornwall.

The Clemows Valley Tailings Dam in Cornwall retains acidic metal-laden minewater sludge released into the Carnon River and Fal Estuary in 1992 following the abandonment and subsequent water level recovery of the Wheal Jane tin mine. The dam is expected to overflow by 2001. Clive Hallett, Knight Piès

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· Techniques to control industrial wastewater

· £0.5 million scheme protects salmon rich river

· Pollution problem prevented at rail station

· Photocatalytic industrial effluent treatment

· Businesses act in attempt to keep London dry

May 1998


Inside the sludge drying plant at Teeside

Industry is investing major resources into expanding Combined Heat and Power capacity with the enthusiastic support of the Government for the economic and environmental benefits this solution can offer

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May 1995

May 1990