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May 2001

Doncaster monitors pollution data on particulates at two quarry sites

Two air particulate monitors from Casella CEL collecting pollution data for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council from two quarries ten miles apart on opposite outskirts of the town

Particulate monitors combine infra-red light based, real-time monitoring and gravimetric sampling under Doncaster MBCÕs pollution data monitoring programme at two quarries ten miles apart on the outskirts of the town

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Ongoing crisis as demand outstrips supply

Desalination at Eilat: restructuring Mekorot is seen to be a priority

The worst in the country's history - Aaron Priel outlines some of the measures Israel is embarking upon to strengthen its institutional water management and expand the use of desalination technologies in new areas.

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Foot & mouth debacle proves need for independent regulators

If the muddle and buck passing that has characterised the management of the foot and mouth crisis has proved anything it is the absolute need to ensure that the nation’s health, safety and environmental regulators play a truly independent role in assessing risks and advising Government.

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· UK cuts greenhouse gas emissions as Euro MEPs back lower levels

· Water, water, everywhere...

· A material dilemma

· Portable open path ambient air quality monitor developed with Agency co-operation

· New remedy for radioactive wastewater

· Networking helps cut losses

· WWT on the impact of the proposed single Scottish water authority: Size is important for Scots

May 2000

New approaches to suspended solids removal

Peter Minting looks at two new filtration methods introduced at the World Filtration Congress by scientists from Germany and Hong Kong.

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Reducing COD levels for seafish processing

Cutting its wastewater treatment bill is a must for the seafish processing industry. Seafish Technology's R Watson looks at some ways to make savings.

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LCA supports integrated approach to solid waste management systems

Figure 1 Elements of an Integrated Waste Management System

Solid waste management needs to be environmentally effective to reduce overall environmental burdens and economically affordable for all sectors of the community served. Integrated Waste Management (IWM) takes an overall approach to this, involves the use of a range of different treatment options an

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· Jack Allen group sets the pace with all-round product line up

· ESA Chairman promotes open debate on Landfill Directive

· Reliance on instrumentation can only increase

· Improved air quality figures for UK back call for concerted European action

· Purpose-designed compactor sets new pattern in landfill compaction

· SHE in the field

· Westminster mounts extensive consulations on pioneering Local Air Quality Action Plan

May 1997

May 1992