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May 2001

Raising cash and getting the price right

As concerns about global water supplies continue to grow, Tom Pankrantz, Corporate Projects Dirctor of Vivendi Water Systems/USFilter, outlines commercial stratagies for larger desalination and water reuse projects.

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Ongoing crisis as demand outstrips supply

The worst in the country's history - Aaron Priel outlines some of the measures Israel is embarking upon to strengthen its institutional water management and expand the use of desalination technologies in new areas.

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Networking helps cut losses

Steve Mustard, Logica's telemetry business manager and Simon Harrison, Anglian Water's telemetry project manager explain why telemetry is vital to Anglian's bid to cut water loss

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· SWRO makes its debut in Cyprus

· Doncaster monitors pollution data on particulates at two quarry sites

· Water, water, everywhere...

· New remedy for radioactive wastewater

· UK cuts greenhouse gas emissions as Euro MEPs back lower levels

· Air quality monitoring stations designed yo operate in extreme weather conditions

· WWT on the impact of the proposed single Scottish water authority: Size is important for Scots

May 2000

New approaches to suspended solids removal

Peter Minting looks at two new filtration methods introduced at the World Filtration Congress by scientists from Germany and Hong Kong.

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One for the buoys...

Measurement of nutrients within wastewater is becoming increasingly important, both for end-of-pipe monitoring of discharges and for process control. Jim Pickering, Envitech, examines a new concept in accurate and reliable in situ, online ammonia and nitrate measurement for effluent applicati

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Westminster mounts extensive consulations on pioneering Local Air Quality Action Plan

Local authorities across the country are gearing up to exercise their responsibilities for air quality. Westminster City Council has produced an Air Quality Strategy and Action Plan which sets out a series of initiatives to help clean up the capital's atmosphere.

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· Reliance on instrumentation can only increase

· Chip measurement system for spot measurements

· Software designed to monitor irrigation pumps

· New flow monitoring system for Dublin's sewers

· SHE in the field

· ESA Chairman promotes open debate on Landfill Directive

· The rain on planes

May 1997

May 1992