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September 2001

Chris Pick, of CODEL International Ltd, examines key issues relating to the hazards posed by air pollutants produced by traffic in the confined space of road tunnels and the need for effective and accurate monitoring
Loading tall clinical waste containers on the bottom deck of one of the BFH Incineration's new low -slung, long six-wheeler vans after the upper Ray Smith lifting deck has been loaded with shallower containersThe introduction of purpose-designed, double deck collection vans has hugely increased the capacity in transporting clinical waste containers for incineration as a specialist in this field explains
Dennis Eagle is developing its existing range with the launch of a new, innovative design, Phoenix 2. The original Phoenix, pictured here, will continue to be processedDennis Eagle is officially launching this month what the UK specialist vehicle provider terms the next generation of refuse collection vehicles, in the curved shape of the Phoenix 2. This leading UK manufacturer sees the new vehicle, which incorporates innovative design, as its "most s
» Alternative fuels power the drive to combat atmospheric pollution
» Market Boost for green waste containers
» Oil companies: Future perfect or Carbon-dated?
» Agency sets technical guidance on regulating clinical waste

September 2000

Project Aquatrine is the largest proposed UK public/private partnership to date. Roger Eyre and Geoff Morgans of Hyder Consulting explain the large and complex asset base work that needs to be done up-front.
Before any site regeneration can be initiated by a private developer or a local authority an essential preliminary task is to carry out a risk assessment of the contaminated area. In this special contribution, Steve Wilson, Associate Director of Card Geotechnics Ltd, outlines how risk assessments a
A joint venture between Ionics Inc. and Barbados-based Williams Industries has built the largest RO desalination facility in the Caribbean providing fresh, potable water to one sixth's of the island's 264,000 population.
» New numerical flow model for flood protection
» Composite manholes ‘safer than iron’
» Monitoring across large geographical areas
» Alternative technology offers cleaner air
» My point is...
» Securing watertight data collection
» How to ensure a healthy media

September 1997

September 1992