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September 2001

Chris Pick, of CODEL International Ltd, examines key issues relating to the hazards posed by air pollutants produced by traffic in the confined space of road tunnels and the need for effective and accurate monitoring
New guidance on regulating clinical waste from the Environment Agency is aimed at aiding the public, healthcare providers and the clinical waste services industry as health and safety issues within the waste management sector are the subject of more stringent control. In this special featur
Loading tall clinical waste containers on the bottom deck of one of the BFH Incineration's new low -slung, long six-wheeler vans after the upper Ray Smith lifting deck has been loaded with shallower containersThe introduction of purpose-designed, double deck collection vans has hugely increased the capacity in transporting clinical waste containers for incineration as a specialist in this field explains
» Market Boost for green waste containers
» Oil companies: Future perfect or Carbon-dated?
» Alternative fuels power the drive to combat atmospheric pollution
» Dennis Eagle launches new generation with curved 'benchmark' design for RCVs

September 2000

The Environment Agency isues more than a million licences each year, ranging in scope from simple fishing permits to highly complex licences for industrial purposes. The principle, however, is the same. "E-licensing" is poised to cut through the regulatory red tape.
The European Commission is developing new standards for sludge spread on land. If these are made law, an increasing number of water companies could opt for incineration.
Clearly, power generation, refineries, iron and steel and other major combustion processes (such as cement works and large industrial heating systems) are significant sources, accounting for nearly 90% of the annual sulphur dioxide emitted in the UK.On September 2 1998, the air quality standard for sulphur dioxide was exceeded across a substantial area of the Midlands and South Yorkshire - enough to have caused harm to some members of the public. An 18-month Environment Agency investigation ensued. IEM presents the methodology and the findings.
» Back to the drawing board?
» Stable mate for STW bosses
» Eikelboom to help with sludge training
» CLAIRE demos sustainable remediation
» Membranes for estuary water
» Alternative technology offers cleaner air
» Monitoring across large geographical areas

September 1997

September 1992