News Release: 10 Years for Membrane Supplier

MBR Technology®, the membrane division of the Aquator Group Ltd, are providing an unprecedented 10-year guarantee on submerged flat sheet membranes supplied, operated and maintained by them – a clear indicator of the company’s commitment to its product, quality and service.

Ross Severn, Aquator’s Director of Marketing explained the companies reasoning for offering this exceptional term. “As far as we are aware, and we have done some extensive research, this is at least double the term offered by other MBR suppliers. We have done this with our eyes wide open, but then we have operating reference sites that allow us to make a measured decision. An example, the Wessex Water site at Porlock, in Exmoor National Park, UK has been operating for nearly five years now and of the 3,600 membranes originally installed, only seven have been replaced.”

“That figure would represent nearly half the term of a guarantee period, during which time we have seen only a 0.194 % replacement rate,” commented Ross.

“This combined with the outstanding performance at other reference sites affords us significant comfort, and we are very happy to again be setting the standards for membranes in our industry,” he added.

The company cites a number of reasons for the longevity of the flat sheet membrane apart from its robust form of manufacture. As each membrane is of rigid design and individually separated by a distance of 7mm there is no opportunity for the membranes to abrade with one another, which will naturally extend the life of a product like a membrane. This combined with the extremely effective method, which negates the system fouling, so long the problem that has been suffered by other membrane designs, ensures the products extensive lifespan.

“We believe that the strong physical nature of the membranes, the resistance to fouling, and the infrequent requirement for maintenance intervention – both chemical and physical, and the degradation that involves – are important factors in the astonishing performance and resilience that these membranes have shown, in some cases under extreme operating conditions or variants.”

With over 800 plants operating worldwide, and 23 plants under construction or commissioned in the UK, the company has numerous points of reference in both municipal and industrial applications and has seen very low replacement levels throughout.

“When a company is prepared to underwrite the principle component of a wastewater treatment plant for a term of ten years, you know they are worth talking to,” concludes Ross.

Issued by Montpellier Marketing Communications Group. For further information contact Grahame Palmer on 01242 262977 or email [email protected].

Note to Editors

MBR Technology® is able to handle a diverse range of liquid wastes and treat them in a single stage to beyond the highest regulatory stipulations. The treatment process has a wide range of applications and is relevant to industrial or municipal applications that use water, or creates or treats wastewater.

The Aquator Group consists of three companies, which are engaged in the sales and operation of membrane wastewater treatment plants, either directly or through their subsidiary companies.

  • Aquator Services Limited trades in the UK utilising the MBR Technology® trademark.

  • Aquator Marine Limited operates in the maritime sector including Naval, Merchant, Civilian and Oil Exploration.

  • Aguas Vie UK Limited manages Eire and selected international markets and includes group subsidiaries utilising the AVL® trademark.

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