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Extracting maximum efficiencies from industrial motors is the powerful message behind EDF Energy's Motorbox, a novel motor auditing service incorporating sensors, software and technical expertise. Meet the winner of the Energy Efficiency: Data & Software Award...

Across UK industry, a large untapped source of energy efficiency lies in electrical motors and drives. Consuming over 32TWh of electricity in 2013, motors account for around one-third of industrial electricity use. But because the performance data is technically challenging to collect and modelling/analysis requires high level skills, any energy efficiency gains that can be achieved are often overlooked.

Motorbox provides real-time data collection and instant modelling, quickly identifying potential efficiencies. The solution shows businesses how their existing motors are performing, and models scenarios to specify the most efficient motor and mode of operation for a particular application.

Originally developed for use in France, Motorbox’s first UK trial was from November 2014 to February 2015 in an animal feed mill operated by Faccenda Foods. The trial outlined numerous benefits and efficiencies – Motorbox showed, for example, that it is technically feasible to downsize motors when they are due for replacement as most are drawing considerably less than their rated power.

Modelled savings also demonstrated that it may not be economic to replace a motor before it reaches end-of-life. The data from the trial also revealed that several large motors spend long periods idling and could be switched off. Based on these outcomes, Faccenda is now progressing three projects which will reduce associated site carbon emissions by up to 12%.

One of the huge benefits of Motorbox is the ease in which it can be installed, and the speed in which data can be acquired and analysed for multiple devices. Its sensors work wirelessly and do not interrupt any activity on site. This reduces barriers to installation and ensures continuous data collection.

As the sensor installation does not require specialist skills and the software can use data from existing sub meters, Motorbox provides a cost-effective way to deliver skilled engineering analysis to multiple customer installations. A web portal has also been developed, enabling clients to access live data during the measurement period, thereby increasing its richness as any performance anomalies can be highlighted and explained in real-time.

Motorbox helps overcome barriers that make it difficult for businesses to be certain that individual motors are optimised for their task. It offers a complete solution – whereas most existing software from motor manufacturers tends to work on assumptions and offers little scenario modelling with little precision.

Judges’ comments:

The market potential of EDF’s Motorbox is huge. Motors and drives can be a complicated area to manage, but the ease at which this system can be installed and used offers a complete energy efficiency solution for businesses.

Energy Efficiency (Data & Software) – Meet the finalists

Considerate Hoteliers

Green hospitality industry group Considerate Hoteliers launched its ‘Con-Serve’ system in 2014 as a fully comprehensive data management system for hotels to measure, monitor, mine and manage their resource consumption; increasing efficiency, reducing costs and potentially minimising CO2 footprints. Con-Serve is the only data monitoring platform which allows hospitality sector businesses to measure these various feeds – including industry specific metrics – within one single system.

Integral Uptime

The Galileo software package, developed by environment management service provider Integral Uptimeplus, provides an interactive maintenance platform that allows businesses to deliver an efficient energy strategy, using the latest technology and tools. Clients can forecast when maintenance is planned and performed, not to a limited timeline but based on asset need and criticality, providing true cost of ownership and energy management.


Utilitywise’s innovative building energy management system (BEMS) offers businesses a simple and easy to use solution to monitor, control and reduce their energy usage. The monitoring and controls solution is designed to suit all potential user requirements – from dashboards for building occupiers through to apps for people on the move; analysis and reporting tools for informative analytics; and fully implemented BMS control platforms across energy intensive equipment such as lighting and HVAC.

DENT Instruments

The ELITEpro XC energy data logger from US-based energy measurement services provider DENT Instruments is a complete solution for pinpointing electric usage and recording building performance metrics. Direct voltage connections and current sensors are used to monitor current on each phase directly from the electrical panel. The ELITEpro XC’s flexibility, size, and ease-of-use make it an ideal tool for gathering detailed consumption information in commercial, industrial, government, and retail environments.

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