Net-Zero Business Barometer: edie report details how corporates are approaching the net-zero transition

The race to net-zero is well and truly underway - but how fast are UK businesses moving? And what are their key shared challenges to decarbonisation? Find out in edie's new report, detailing the findings of an in-depth survey of around 150 energy and sustainability professionals.

Net-Zero Business Barometer: edie report details how corporates are approaching the net-zero transition

The report is free-to-download for edie users

edie’s Net-Zero Business Barometer report is now available to download for free from the edie website. It details the results of an in-depth online survey of hundreds of sustainability and energy professionals, conducted by edie earlier this year, providing a progress update on the low-carbon transition at businesses across the UK.

edie’s Net-Zero Business Barometer was launched in 2019 to provide a regular temperature check and progress update regarding the decarbonisation of business across the UK. The Barometer is based on an in-depth online survey which analysed net-zero carbon progress to date and businesses’ decarbonisation plans for the future.


The report is repeated every 6-12 months, allowing for year-on-year comparisons and the identification of key net-zero business trends. The new report has been published as part of edie’s Net-Zero November month of content and to coincide with Decarbonisation Day at COP27.

Our Barometer has been developed in association with edie’s Net-Zero Leaders Club – a purpose-driven community which connects, informs and inspires business energy and carbon professionals to accelerate the net-zero transition through an annual programme of informative industry events, exclusive policy and technology insights, and unrivalled collaborative opportunities. Find out more about the Club and its membership offering here.

Thanks to our report sponsor, Inspired PLC, for their analysis of these results – which you can read on the penultimate page of this report – along with the 148 net-zero leaders and practitioners who dedicated the time to take this edition of the Barometer survey.

This report also includes an exclusive Industry Viewpoint penned by Inspired Energy PLC’s head of net-zero services Kristina Beadle.

Beadle writes: “Net-zero has quickly become the sustainability buzzword, however for a phrase so well used it is often surprisingly misunderstood. The results of edie’s latest Net-Zero Barometer serve to highlight this.

When asked how their company defines “net-zero” 62% believed net-zero needs to be achieved for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, 20% of respondents considered net-zero targets to cover only Scope 1 and 2 emissions, while 5% were aiming to achieve net-zero purely through offsetting. These figures demonstrate that businesses are still confused about what they need to be doing to reach net-zero. This confusion is understandable when the UK Government itself has not published a clear definition of how to achieve their net-zero target.”

Download the report.

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