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The report names the UK, which has already invested £450m into the sector, as an area to lead the exploration

UK primed to lead Europe's £46bn wave energy market opportunity

Wave power can contribute to 10% of global electricity demand by 2050 if governments and the private sector offer financial support and political stability, with the UK primed to act as the marine energy leader.

An artists' impression of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project, which has been planned for the eastern side of Swansea Bay

Ecotricity to compete for UK's first tidal project

Ecotricity will compete to build Britain's first tidal lagoon site ahead of the Government's independent review of tidal energy in the spring.

Successful project were deemed to have been improvements on current concepts, or new technologies all together

Scottish wave energy projects receive Government funding

The Scottish Government initiative Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has announced the eight successful applicants that will share a £2.5m fund to advance their technologies in the build up to commercialisation.

Waves hit the coast at Sennen Cove, Cornwall. Commercial-scale marine energy projects could be live in the region by 2025

Marine renewables roadmap launched for Cornwall

The commercialisation of marine energy generation in the UK has been made clearer with the development of a 'renewables roadmap' for the Cornish peninsula region.

Energy management: procurement, planning and purchasing priorities 2015/16

EXCLUSIVE: For the third year running, edie commissioned a third- party market research agency to undertake an in-depth survey of people responsible for energy management within their organisation.

The €6m project is aiming to establish a new generation of cost-competitive wave power for off-grid and utility-scale energy generation

Human heartbeat could shake-up wave power generation

A new technology inspired by the human body may have the ability to revolutionise the wave power sector, according to test results revealed on Friday.

Fergus Ewing:

Scottish wave power gets funding bump

Wave energy in Scotland will be boosted by £14.3m in funding over the next 13 months, thanks to new funding from the Scottish Government

The study confirmed the expectations of scientists - that wave energy has fewer problems with variability than other energy sources

Wave energy 'could be cheaper than solar and wind'

Large-scale wave energy is comparatively more reliable, consistent and potentially cheaper than other forms of energy generation, including wind power.

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