#SustyTalk: North Sails’ chief sustainability officer on ocean advocacy

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#SustyTalk is all about keeping edie’s loyal readers connected to sustainability leaders across the world, whilst reminding us all that sustainability and climate action must go on through the current cost of living crisis and beyond. It launched in the early stages of the pandemic in 2020 and has continued since then, keeping us connected to the leaders who are continuing to drive sustainable business and climate action.

For this latest #SustyTalk episode, edie’s deputy editor Sarah George is in conversation with North Sails’ chief sustainability officer, Mădălina Preda.

North Sails is an international sailmaker and sailing wear company, based out of Milan in Italy. It has been operational for 60 years. Preda is on hand to discuss what customers in this space – whether they are individual sailors, sports teams or race organisers – are observing about the climate and nature crises in our oceans, and how this shapes the kinds of advocacy they now expect from brands.

She also provides her advice, given her extensive background in communications and advocacy, on collaborating for the most meaningful impacts on oceans at this crucial point in time.

Preda says: “In order to drive ocean positivity, which is not something that can be achieved overnight, you don’t always have to always take action in the ocean. You could also take action in the city, finding causes that directly impact consumers and customers.  Use your leverage as a business to advocate for all changes needed for a 1.5C world.

“One of the biggest threats to healthy oceans is climate change, so actions that are connected with reducing emissions, increasing renewable electricity, working on better public transport and mobility, are all actually things that help the ocean.”

Also covered in this episode are debates around regenerative economic models and the need to transform innovation into a force for good.

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  1. Richard Phillips says:

    It is probably a sign of age-related irritability that at 92 I find the profusion of the word “susty”, to be highly disagreeable.
    What is wrong with “sustainable” and its’ derivatives???
    Am I alone???

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