Terberg Mini Kerbsider Stillage recycling vehicle

Part of the family of non-compacting vehicles for the collection of domestic recyclable materials from the kerbside is the 'Mini-Kerbsider® Stillage', a 7.5 tonne GVW bantamweight stillage vehicle alternative, featuring powered loading from the nearside.

Terberg Mini Kerbsider Stillage recycling vehicle

With an overall length of only 6.8 metres and a tight turning circle, the ‘Mini-Kerbsider® Stillage’ is intended for use in confined spaces and difficult to access areas where manoeuverability is crucial.  It embodies many of the features to be found on the much larger ‘Kerbsider®2-26 Stillage’ introduced to the market last year, combined with clever weight-saving engineering to produce a useful payload potential that exceeds two tonnes.

A lightweight body with an open frame floor houses five 1.9 cubic metre aluminium stillages, which are installed from the offside by forklift truck, and manually locked in position.  Loading is monitored through the open upper third via ‘Perspex’ observation ports in each of the stillages.

A 650 litre segregated pannier-type loading trough, manufactured in a lightweight material and mounted in a metal framework, runs along the entire nearside of the body.  Dry recyclable materials are placed into the appropriate sections and the trough is then lifted hydraulically, the roof is also raised at the same time and materials are discharged into the appropriate internal stillages. 
All loading operations are conducted safely from the exterior of the vehicle, eliminating the need for additional manual input.  Safety is further enhanced by the provision of colour CCTV allowing the driver to monitor activities at the side and rear of the vehicle at all times.

Full stillages are unloaded from the offside by means of a forklift truck locating the lifting slots incorporated in the stillage ends.  Emptying into secondary bulk containers is accomplished by rotating the tines through 180 degrees.  The stillages have been purposely designed to be compatible with the type of standard materials handling equipment most commonly in place with users currently operating standard stillage type vehicles.  This obviates the need for further investment in this area and makes the transition from manual handling a simple and economical affair.
Available options are hand-wash facilities, a brush and shovel kit, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning beacons.
Typical chassis' include Isuzu NQR 7.5 tonne GVW chassis but other suitable chassis can be accommodated and advice on these is available from Terberg Matec.

Company Director, Will Marzano, says; “We looked very closely at the stillage method of collecting recyclable materials and embarked on a project to bring all the benefits of our class-beating ‘Kerbsider®2’ to this sector.  The result was the introduction of ‘Kerbsider®2-26 Stillage’.  Our research showed that there was also a place for a smaller version of this concept.  In ‘Mini-Kerbsider® Stillage’ we have successfully incorporated all the qualities of ‘Kerbsider®2-26 Stillage’ and filled the gap left by the larger vehicle. 
We have also considered the welfare of operatives very carefully and, in my opinion, have produced a less tiring and safer working environment than alternative approaches.”
Terberg Matec UK Limited is supporting ‘Mini-Kerbsider® Stillage’ with a standard 12 months warranty and an unrivalled after-sales support package. Other extended warranties are available.

Details concerning a demonstration of this new recycling collection vehicle, and information about other Terberg Matec products can be obtained by contacting Terberg Sales on 01925 283905.

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