Resource Revolution: edie kicks off week of content and online events dedicated to the circular economy

Circular Economy Week 2022 (23 – 27 May) is edie’s themed week of editorial content and events dedicated to supporting sustainability, energy and resource efficiency professionals in accelerating the transition to an economy free from waste and single-use plastics.  

Resource Revolution: edie kicks off week of content and online events dedicated to the circular economy

There will be an array of exclusive content for edie users to access

As the flagship Sustainability Leaders Forum 2022 concluded, the time for transformative change is now, and the circular economy represents a critical enabler in the global transition to a just, resilient and prosperous economy.

But the war on waste is not being won; total waste generation continues to mount, recycling rates are not increasing at the rates required, and circular products and packaging materials are not being scaled up fast enough.

Circular Economy Week is about making change happen. From embracing circular economy principles, to spurring packaging innovation and driving collaboration across the value chain – the week will provide industry updates, thought leadership discussions and practical insights which empower businesses to accelerate the circular economy.

We will be offering up a plethora of digital content throughout the week – led by a high-level online event, two downloadable reports and a dedicated podcast discussion.

The Circular Economy Inspiration Sessions

Hosted during edie’s special Circular Economy Week of digital content and events, the Circular Economy Inspiration Sessions offer up an afternoon of live, interactive webinar presentations and discussions – all dedicated to capturing the business opportunity of a resource-efficient, zero-waste economy.

How do zero-waste commitments interrelate with climate-related goals? What must happen at a policy level to accelerate the circular economy transition? How can closed-loop systems and products be scaled up at pace? Ultimately, what will it take for businesses to accelerate the circular economy?

This online event, sponsored by EY and Reconomy, effectively combines three edie webinars into a single afternoon, with each webinar session taking a particular focus and format. The first session (one hour) will be a Q&A-style circularity debate; the second session (one hour) will be a series of quick-fire zero-waste case studies; and the third session (45 minutes) will take a ‘masterclass’ format.

Registrants for this online event will get access to all three sessions


Sustainable Business Covered podcast

During the week, edie will be running a special podcast episode focused on the businesses championing closed-loop models, packaging and services.

Check out all of edie’s podcast episodes here.

edie Explains: The circular economy

During the week, edie will publish two reports focused on the circular economy. An Explains guide on everything a business needs to know on the circular economy will launch at the start of the week, followed by a new “blueprint” guide explaining how businesses can eliminate single-use plastics.

Blogs and features

edie will publish an array of written content across the week, including in-depth features, insightful opinions from thought leaders and energetic and driven conversations as part of a Better Business Roundtable. Keep an eye out for all of these on the edie site.


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  1. David Dundas says:

    It will be interesting to know how chlorinated plastics such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) will be sorted out and recycled without ending up in an incinerator which will convert a significant amount of them into polychlorinated dioxines and dibenzofurans which are some of the most dangerous toxic products known to man.

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