Biostyr - Biological Aerated Filter

Designed by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, Biostyr " is the market leader in biofilters with more than 25 years of experience and over 100 reference plants all over the world.

Biostyr - Biological Aerated Filter

Biostyr - the compact biofiltration technology :

Biostyr is a simple and innovative process, capable of removing all biological pollution at minimal operating costs.
Biostyr is capable of eliminating all biodegradable pollutants, from carbon (COD and BOD) to nitrogen (N-NH4 and N-NO3) and particulates (TSS).

The Biostyr processes modular design is easily adaptable to any kind of biological wastewater treatment.

The Biostyr process is adaptable to meet the required effluent standards in order to satisfy the customer's need.

Biostyr biofiltration combines in a single structure:

  • a biological reactor to degrade soluble pollutants and
  • a separation phase to remove biomass and particulate pollutants


  • combined biological process and filtration: no further clarification needed
  • patented single stage treatment: Total Nitrogen removal within the same cell
  • compact process: low footprint
  • fully automated operation
  • adaptable to any kind of treatment
  • quick response to high load variations
  • buoyant media bed (Biostyrene): backwashing by gravity (no pumping required)
  • low energy consumption:
  • no need for supply backwash pumps
  • can remove Total Nitrogen within the same cell
  • counter current backwash: no odour nuisances (air only in contact with treated water)
  • nozzles on effluent side only in contact with clean water: no clogging and easy acces

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